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20 Mar

Views: 1034 Good ol' Wukong

It's been a while since i last played Wukong, im usually forced to use other champions becouse of ******ed team comp =/

But today i could play him and carried the team pretty much...

Used the cheaper build from my Wukong guide seems like it has a better scaling curve than my general build... or playing other champions earned me enough experience to play better, who knows....
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19 Mar
I'm planning to make a new guide, probably for one of the solo top champs.

I can't decide which tho, i really enjoy playing Renekton lately, getting pretty good with him, but i'm not sure if i could make anything really special. Another guide that came to my mind would be for Jax, i was planning on making one for him for a while. Maybe Jarvan IV, tried him as free last week... bought him pretty fast lol, intresting champ.

So which one? Or you can suggest any other champ and i'll try my best. Drop a comment.
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11 Mar

Views: 315 Back to MOBAFIRE

Back After a looooong brake, had some IRL issues, and had no internet for nearly a month... But back in action now, ready to write and play my *** off.

Seen some stuff changed, can someone enlighten me a bit?

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08 Jan

Views: 349 Solo Queue

For a while now we couldn't get more than 4 member of our ranked team online, we have an 50% win ratio in 4 games, but that doesn't make us ranked...

So in my eager te get grind some ELO I'm thinking about solo queue, any tips and stuff?
Good lucks are welcome too :P

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13 Dec

Views: 378 Ranked

Hell yea played my 1st ranked matches. Got 50% win ratio lol. Totally raped the 1st one, on the second one the enemy had full AoE and hard CC so we died by the time we landed XD.

Totally gonna ban Cho'Gath and Lee Sin. We auto ban OP Darius... freakin true damage...

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