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ShortyHUN's Mobafire Blog - Tag: wukong

26 May

Views: 741 wukong

Played some ranked games on the weekend, seems like i'm currently best with Jarvan IV, even better than my Wukong which kind of suprised me.

Lately maining Leona when supporting... permastun :P generally i'm with the tanky ones here too

Aaaand i found out i suck with Xin Zhao and probably any similar AAish stuff... meh... yea my Jax and Irelia is far from good too.

Any J4 like champs you might recommend?
Practice Olaf?

My current champs are
TOP: Jarvan IV, Wukong, Garen
Jungle: Jarvan IV, Malphite
MID: Master Yi, Ryze
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20 Mar

Views: 1052 wukong

It's been a while since i last played Wukong, im usually forced to use other champions becouse of ******ed team comp =/

But today i could play him and carried the team pretty much...

Used the cheaper build from my Wukong guide seems like it has a better scaling curve than my general build... or playing other champions earned me enough experience to play better, who knows....
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28 Nov

Views: 1076 wukong

Despite the feeders, QQers, honor beggers, "hax" childs and other annoying creatures on EUNE, I'm getting better with Wukong. In the end it made me drop Master Yi as my main.
Should I try writing a guide?

All hail the monkey king!
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