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04 Jun
Still in bronze slowly climbing with about 3/5 wins now. This last round was... well... dafuq?
vs. Leona
Lee Sin

Usual pro team... getting raped pretty much everywhere, our jungler (kha'zix) died twice while trying to counter jungle... I managed to go 2/1/1 on my lane and destroy enemy turret, only died from unexpected lee gank that kha watched from the bush...

When teamfights...
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31 May

Views: 285 Just wondering...

I see that community cup and pretty much everything is only present on NA and EUW servers. I don't really wanna transfer my account, but would miss 30+ champs and 3 skins...

So i'm wondering if i start leveling my EUW account, will anyone help me atleast farm out some champs? Gifts welcome too :P
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27 May

Views: 415 EUNE allstars #3

The usual Shorty ranting about the ******s that f**k up my game... and yea i'm bronze II... and 2 of those things that supposed to be my teammate are silver...
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26 May
Played some ranked games on the weekend, seems like i'm currently best with Jarvan IV, even better than my Wukong which kind of suprised me.

Lately maining Leona when supporting... permastun :P generally i'm with the tanky ones here too

Aaaand i found out i suck with Xin Zhao and probably any similar AAish stuff... meh... yea my Jax and Irelia is far from good too.

Any J4 like champs you might recommend?
Practice Olaf?

My current champs are
TOP: Jarvan IV, Wukong, Garen
Jungle: Jarvan IV, Malphite
MID: Master Yi, Ryze
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