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ShortyHUN's Mobafire Blog

13 Apr

Views: 388 I smell silver...

Just won 3 times in row, now i'm in the promotion series for Silver V.
Carried 2 out of that 3 games, really pwning with Jarvan IV and Wukong, have to practice Xin Zhao a bit more.

Met the worst Zac so far, 0 help, 0 damage, denying ADC's farm, dieing all the time... And pro Zed in same round, he had the thing i call AFK build, ha was afk all the time, only came to ks in teamfights... Babysitting 2 lanes was pretty hard :P, but still won.

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11 Apr

Views: 359 EUNE fucked up...

YAY for constant "cannot connect to server" errors -_-, out of 3 games 2 leaves becuse i couldnt connect and 1 lost becuse 2 others got connection issues...

*Cleaning rifle and stuff...*
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09 Apr
Tried to duo with someone else yesterday... i know why i was bad at lol... the dudes i used to play with suck epic time... lost 2 ranked in row. Yea got told to change my attitude, but every game i run with those who generally called me back to lol when i quit are lost games, if i go solo i can carry. Conclusion = they suck...

After that i went on solo to get back the points i lost... ****in fed jungle Jarvan searing trough the sky raping any gods of the old world that's in the way.... aaaand ISP thinks turning off the internet from 12pm-5am would be fun...

Calling them that the...
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08 Apr

Views: 660 Bronze I

Found some random dude for duo partner... he isn't bad, just too **** to be good...
Honestly he needs lots of practice but it's not futile.

Ended up winning one and losing one. Could carry the 1st match with Wukong, was pretty hard to do, but made it to top 3 Wu guides for a reason :D. The second one i had to support (started it not long ago, but doing good) but we had such a useless jungler, and top, and mid... and duo partner forgot rune page... AP Draven!!!! Yea was a pretty obvious loose when everyone was focusing Dr. Mundo

So now Bronze I. gotta get out of bronze as...
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06 Apr
Just bought an SSD for my computer,YAAAY!
My old HDD was dying so i decided to spend my bday money for a 500 GB Western Digital HDD and a 60 GB Kingston SSD. I installed windows on it in 10 minutes, with all drivers and all the restarts, doing windows update atm... already love this stuff.

Place your bets gonna install LoL in under a minute or not? XD
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