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04 Apr

Views: 302 Blog stuff

Is it just me or more views on personal stuff than elo climbing and game related?

Well i'm kind of bored so i guess i'll run some diary like dunno wtfbbq thing here... Just for teh fun :P

Oh yea and sorry for delay on signatures x_x i'm waiting for some SSD and new HDD to arrive. My current HDD (the other 2 died T__T) is on the verge of death... sometimes it sounds like a horde of grasshoppers chirping, sometimes it gets stuck and my comp freezes for a second or 2. Really annoying when it happens while playing...

So windows installation here i come!!! TONS OF UPDATES!!!!!!...
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03 Apr

Views: 468 Bad decisions...

Went to the grocery to look for some chips... eating a lot in general... to munch on while updating my guides. I've seen this yoghurt gum thing, i thought it was advertised a lot before, i like gummy bears too so shouldn't be bad, and it was said to be healthy.

Well **** health, this is one of the worst things i've ever bought... costed me 429 HUF (~1.4 EUR)... and i hate throwing out stuff i bought, especially food...

Why do i make so bad decisions???
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02 Apr

Views: 373 Fuuuuuuuu

If i see one more ****ing Zac im gonna trace his IP and shoot him in the head... atleast 10 times...

"Fail jungle no ganks"... becouse you over extend ****tard dieing under turret while chasing 3 champs alone...

Jarvan? Sits like a potato, cant use Q, ignite, E, W... actually cant even auto attack becouse everyone outruns him...

**** these random teams, i consider quitting now.
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02 Apr

Views: 300 Aaaaand feeder again

Had such a great lane, good farm, went 2/0... tho lost turret... against AP Master Yi on solo top.

Our Lux mid also great. Don't remember her stats.

Everything was fine, until stupid jungler started to gank... and died 5 times... went even worse in teamfights.

After a while our Volibear disconnected, so 1 less and 1 ****** Lee Sin...
Lost however we tried with Lux and Draven...
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31 Mar

Views: 589 I want more free time :(

So many things to do... and atleast half of it is something i don't want to...

Signature works piled up and i barely played... or studied for test... and still not done with all the real life issues and **** x_x

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