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03 Dec

Theory crafting builds and strategies for Wukong, Master Yi and Katarina based on the stuff I found on items and masteries... I think some real intresting stuff is about to come.

Havn't played ranked until now, but got my hopes up for Season 3. Get ready people I'm coming for you scalps. Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skullthrone! (just couldn't leave it out lol)...
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29 Nov
It's 1AM here, studying for my next exam... ok sometimes looking at random stuff on the net like cat videos on youtube, pictures for future banner works etc... etc...

But I stumbled upon these 2 sites lolpro and league craft (not advertising, rather telling to keep away), wanted to check what they have on the champions I play. I thought I might find something useful/intresting/creative or just anything new in general.
But what I found?
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29 Nov

Views: 564 Season 3

Read the Season 3 notes... Got mindblown, if things turn out really that way, I'm gonna have a hard time writing some guides. lol

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28 Nov

Views: 1069 Wukong

Despite the feeders, QQers, honor beggers, "hax" childs and other annoying creatures on EUNE, I'm getting better with Wukong. In the end it made me drop Master Yi as my main.
Should I try writing a guide?

All hail the monkey king!
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