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30 Jan

Views: 358 YAAY!!! I'm back....

Well lots of stuff going on for a while now, barely had any free time last year. Recently i freed up some time, so now I'm officially back and trying to contribute to the community as much as I can.

*anxious about the new season*
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20 Jun
Patiko13... reported atleast 8 times, got matched with him twice, our whole team reported him both times.

Not communicating in lobby, instalocking with troll pick, intentially staying out of teamfights watching from afar either jungling somewhere or failing to last hit minions. During the laning phase he just auto loses the lane...
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20 Jun

Views: 981 Elo Hell

Been trying to get out of bronze for... don't remember how many months. In bronze it doesn't even matter how good you are, becuse the rest of the team will have the skill cap of a ****ing potato (yea the 4 of them together).

Lost my promotion series the 2nd time this month, loosing twice as much LP than what i get for a win. So great -_- and when you finally get into promotion series you get instalock heimerdinger as 1st pick... going to bot... stealing all the farm of noob adc who can't last hit.

Bronze is not playing, its a ****ing gamble. At best it's 1v1 and 8 others ******s...
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15 Jun
Had to take a little break becouse of exams... learned my *** off aaaaand... failed. I totally regret going to university -_-

Well looking for a job right now but basically i got some free time now.
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04 Jun
Constantly carrying games (sometimes only trying to do something vs overfed enemies...) is getting kind of annoying. But well finally i'm climbing.

I wonder why ADCs QQ for ks while going melee on a nasus...
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