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ShortyHUN's Mobafire Blog

22 Apr

Views: 244 Earthquake...

Damn it's hard to aim skillshots when your 26" display starts shaking...

It was really weak :P even people on the 10th stock said it was weak. Kinda suprising however, not too many earthquakes around here
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16 Apr
Was really bored on electronics class, so i started calculating random lol stuff... meh... Seems like the most effective stats are AP and HP right now. After these two are AD and MR.

Ability Power

AP can be easily stacked, eventhough most skills don't give out full AP ratio, on average i'd say it still scales really fast. Also there are lot of AP items that give high AP and tankyness both. Even if we look at 0.6 ratio, APCs can reach 500+ AP without any problem, which is still 300 magic damage. I would also note here that MR is harder to stack...
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15 Apr
Seriously Bronze I and we get 2 total noobs, totally useless ****tards. I'm 0/0/0 in the 15th minute becuse just cant do ****, enemy team has 21 kills meanwhile. Nearly all of that from our adc and apc...

**** yea got dropped to Bronze II becuose of useless teams.
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14 Apr

Views: 904 Fuck riot... seriously

When these 7 year old *****es start crying top or feed and they choose 4 top... Rengar, Rammus, Mordekaiser, Jax after i picked jungler as 1st pick... and losing my ****ing promotion which only needed 1 win becouse i left.

**** you riot, sincerely i hope you all ****in gonna die the most ****ing disgusting death, along with these ****tards that you let play.
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