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ShortyHUN's Mobafire Blog - Tag: EUNE

11 Feb
Well I've been playing ranekds for about 2 week now. Last season i got ranked in low bronze becouse of well... i had enough and wasnt going ranked after getting stuck in bronze I and eventually dropped lower for inactivity...

So my provisional... i just don't want to talk about it... got played in bronze IV...

Even though i learned to play all of the roles at a good lvl, jungle and adc being my best 2 and support my worst, i can carry a game if we only have 1 tard on the team (feeder/afk/utterly useless), if we got more the only chance is...
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31 May

Views: 289 EUNE

I see that community cup and pretty much everything is only present on NA and EUW servers. I don't really wanna transfer my account, but would miss 30+ champs and 3 skins...

So i'm wondering if i start leveling my EUW account, will anyone help me atleast farm out some champs? Gifts welcome too :P
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28 Nov

Views: 723 eune

Sometime i really consider going to EUW... just lost a normal game with a friend. Laning with a Fizz which is 1/8/1 in 10 minutes is a real pain in the ***.
Top lane had a Mordekaiser who played like he's vs AI, and a Master Yi who got only a Madred's Bloodrazor as damage item, and not starting with that ofcourse, building attack speed and lifesteal beside that. Friend on mid with Lux, kind of pushed by enemy Xerath.

Forgot to make picture of the lobby, but made this from match history:

We had total 48 kills, Lux had 16, you can see mine....
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