Hello everyone, lately i forgot to update my journal regurarly... i forgot my password and was lazy to reset it :P. Well anyway i finally made it out of bronze... actually wasnt that hard, just needed lots of matches and heavy carrying.


I expected some improvements in silver matches, not much just a little... but i never been so wrong. This low silver tier is so damn toxic it makes me want to quit... Generally in bronze most of the players are simply bad or stupid, the amount of toxic players is not that bad, if they see you play good, they listen to you, if you carry them they ask you how can they improve, add you friend etc...

But in silver? Right now i'm in silver V and get matched with bronze I to silver III players, i hope this doesnt apply for higher leagues... Here all i see is people claiming they are plat smurfs or higher, or simply claiming they are higher but they constantly lose of bad players, telling how hard they can carry on a lane. But the truth is, they fail so miserably sometimes i dont even understand how they got into silver. I'm not even sure which role can carry now.

Some examples:
  • 1st pick Vayne (he said nothing counters vayne) 112 wins/176 lose; KDA: 5.3/12.6/6.0; Silver III (0 LP); ended up 3/18/x (don't remember the assists); blaming the team for everything
  • Talon losing to Twisted Fate... talon 0/7/0 @10:00... i don't think i should say anything more about this match
  • Cho'Gath top, doesn't even know how to last hit, can't push his lane when i gank and kill his opponent, always no mana cause he spams everything on creeps... when his opponent was in 0/3/0 i went to help mid... that Darius didn't die from then on and got 18 kills till end game.
  • my favorite... Blitzcrank claiming to be smurf, his main acc being in diamond, no supp item, no wards, mostly standing under turret doing nothing, failing 8/10 hooks, leaving me solo bot after he died to a gank saying i'm noob adc...

I could post an example from pretty much all my games in silver, there are some good players i come across, but not even the 2 of us can carry a game with 3 bad players, even 1 feeder can ruin a game.

P.S.: I always end with positive stats, taking down the most turrets which sometimes happen to be only 1...


So meh... any tips on what to change in silver?