Been a while since i posted... again... Seems like spamming ranked games is not actually a good idea, it's really tiring to carry even one game.

Started to play 2 ranked games at max a day, usually one in the morning and one at night. This way i can focus much more on ranked games like this and play normal games for practice/chill. Yea i know playing a lot increases the odds of climbing, but being focused each game results in better win ratios.

Also read and watched lot of guides and writings, after filtering the bullsh*t i tried to implement everything i found useful into my gameplay. Well i feel a huge difference, i can now win or atleast keep even with Plat V-IV people i played with/against. There's always something new and useful to learn.

Made it to promotion series for Silver IV and won my 1st game there. 6th ranked win in a row!!! YAY!!!