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Hey everyone

Hiya friends!! I started playing LoL for only a month or so and decided to create a team and give this a try. My goal is to create a really good team that can one day participate in the big leagues. I think I consider myself not too bad a player and a quick learner. I would love to get some tips from anyone who reads this. But anyways, let's be friends! Hopefully I'll be posting more and we can get this team going!

Prayers out to Boston

I just need a space to express my horror at what happened today. I was on my way to New York City today when I found out about the bombings in Boston. I immediately called my friends in Boston, several of whom I knew were likely to watch the event in person. All of them made it out safely, thank god. Two of my friends said they were watching no more than 20 feet away from the bombs, but they decided to leave early for whatever reason and were safely out of distance when the bombs went off.

I can't understand this. It is so senseless. What possible reason could there be to inflict violence during an event that brings so much hope, promise, and spirit to people. So many innocent people are scarred for life, physically and emotionally, and at least one child has lost his life as well. It's so horrible.

I've been looking at pictures too, and I have walked down those streets many times when I was in school in Boston, often when it was beautiful outside. To imagine it as a war zone, it's a…

Day #1 Team practicing

So today was the very first day of playing with the team and I have to say they are all good players. We all have good synergy and communication. Our very first matched we dominated the competition, of course I carried as Renekton no big deal...just kidding. Anyways, we lacked communication a tad bit first match but still turned out on top. Second game we were having a rough time beginning of the game. I had gotten first blooded by udyr which didn't turn out as bad as I thought. Although vayne got a little fed early on she decided it was a good idea to throw the game. Basically we secured objectives Dragon, Baron, and towers. That game we had very good synergy and communication and a pretty nice team comp. That was it for the 1st day of playing and hopefully we can improve and learn from our mistakes for the upcoming sunday tournaments we have planned. I promise blogs in the future will be longer.

Ranked Day 15

So basically had like 8 ****ty games out of 9 and got back to Gold IV. Most games were me playing badly, but had some pretty awful teams as well. I got on tilt and started to rage alot at my teammates, which didn't make me feel good, but I still tried to be constructive, although to be fair I usually wasn't.

Lost with Leona, Zed, J4, cant really remember those games

Game 48: Leona Support

Awful Mid LB, not a great top or jungle. We did ok bot, but the game was lost.

End Result: Defeat Demoted to Gold IV 3/6/7

Game 49: Leona Support

Top Teemo feeds then afk farms the rest of the game. We actually put up a decent fight but mostly its just feeding.

End Result: Defeat -14 LP 75->61 0/10/8

Game 50: Leona Support

We invade, force Karma's flash, kill her for FB. Then enemy Volibear comes to gank, I ping Nautilus, who is at our red, to come help, for an easy triple kill for our MF, instead, he decides to not come, then comes late, and we all die. Game becomes way more difficult,…

Searching for game with good story :O

Greetings ladies and gentlemen....

I am bored :D
I want to buy some kind of new game, with a great story.
The following I have already played:
* Dragon age I & II
* Elderscrolls Oblivion and Morrowind and Skyrim
* Bioshock
* Amnesia
* The Walking Dead
* Dishonored
* And some other titles, I forgot the name of :D

Any recommendations? :D

[LIVE] Streaming my S3 Ladder Climb come and watch....


Come and watch my S3 Climb stream as i will have giveaways depending on what you guys want.
I won't have giveaways if there is only 30 people viewing but sure i will do the best i can.

To participate you need to be a follower and also actually follow my stream and watch it.

I'm training to become pro and would love all the help i can get :)
It's my dream and I'm dedicated to succed so please tune in :)






Thank you so much everyone, your support is helping me very much. Love you all.


I found my religion!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

A long time I was wondering which religion makes the most sense, and which one I might agree with.

After lots and lots of research, I found the religion, that is probably the one and only truth:
Flying Spaghetti Monster

Well... What does being a follower of the Spaghetti monster mean?
* You must dress up like a pirate
* The reason global warming is in affect, is because of the decrease in pirates.
* Well... those are the most important things.

Those who want to be a pirate, should follow the Spaghetti monster aswell!


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