I don't really have enough experience with this match-up to know what to do. Playing against Twisted Fate mid isn't challenging. That's fine. However, his ganking is a problem. How do you deal with it if you didn't pick a mid that can stop his teleporting (like if you were first pick)?

I've considered outright banning him, but my priority bans are Shen, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Malphite, ammumu, and Elise. Should I just let one of those bans go and ban Twisted Fate on the off-chance the enemy knows what they're doing with him?

How I deal with it:

1. Pushing the turret is the easiest way to "punish" Twisted Fate when he ganks so he loses CS and experience. But sometimes, that isn't enough.

2. Counterganking is situational at best. If your teammates didn't survive due to the nature of yolo-queue, then you're facing a 3 v 1 as a worst case scenario with the fact that you could have stayed mid or ganked top in the back of your head.

What do you guys do against Twisted Fate if you didn't pick a mid with hard CC?