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Rep: Notable (19)
Status: Offline

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N/A (Unverified)
Xin Zhao, Katarina, Diana
Melee DPS, Caster DPS, Caster DPS


Main AP Casters: Katarina, Diana, Swain, Annie,

Playable AP Casters: Evelynn, Akali

Main AD Bruiser: Xin Zhao, Darius, Garen

Playable AD Bruisers: Renekton, Jax

Main Junglers: Xin Zhao, Vi, Darius, Diana

Playable Junglers: Nocturne, Warwick

Hey, guys. I'm Creedless (it's not my real summoner name).
I'm on my road to . . . getting ranked! LOL so wish me luck.
My favorite champion is Katarina. I played her before her rework and must say I prefer her pre-rework kit (the visual upgrade can stay of course). I'll play her no matter what happens to her. She's the champion I have the most fun and most experience with. I say she's a bit weak now and strange as an assassin. Assassins normally have great single target damage, but her 1 v 1 potential is pitiful. Of course, it is hard to balance a purely AOE champion like Katarina. I wait and play for the day until she's in a good place and . . . I'll keep playing her ^_^
Favorite song? It changes with my mood. At the moment I'm listening to All Signs Point to Lauderdale by A Day to Remember.
I read some manga and watch some anime. I have watched:
  • Angel Beats! (by far my favorite anime)
  • Black Lagoon (second favorite)
  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (close second)
  • Death Note (would have been my favorite if it had some more comical relief)
  • Bleach (stopped due to DBZ syndrome)
  • Naruto (reading, but kind of bored with it)
  • DBZ (childhood show ftw)
  • Ergo Proxy
  • Zoids (another childhood show!)
-Feel free to throw recommendations my way!
I love to help people out around the site with questions towards League of Legends and I play for fun. By fun, I mean I always play 100%. I only have fun when I'm trying to win most of the time. Some people may see it as "tryhard" but that's just the way I roll. Deal with it or AFK (just kidding, please don't AFK T_T). Anyways, that's it for now.
And remember . . . "Evil spelled backwards is live. No coincidence."

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