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13 Apr
I don't really have enough experience with this match-up to know what to do. Playing against Twisted Fate mid isn't challenging. That's fine. However, his ganking is a problem. How do you deal with it if you didn't pick a mid that can stop his teleporting (like if you were first pick)?

I've considered outright banning him, but my priority bans are Shen, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Malphite, ammumu, and Elise. Should I just let one of those bans go and ban Twisted Fate on the off-chance the enemy knows what they're doing with him?

How I...
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12 Apr
So I have watched Angel Beats!, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Black Lagoon, Ergo Proxy, Bleach (hated it after the rescue of Rukia), Naruto (reading it but kind of hating it due to b.s. story), DBZ (loved it when I was younger, now it seems a bit meh), Zoids (way back in first grade) . Any recommendations? I like anything that has an amazing story, likable and hate-able (for the right reason) characters, and comical relief elements. I hate anything that goes overboard with "fan service" and has DBZ syndrome, but it can be made up with if it has a interesting story.
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11 Apr
So I've played three ranked games so far. I must say . . . they seem like I started League all over again from level 1 or something.

Match 1 - I get Katarina. Our Shaco AFKs (lol Law of Inverse Shaco) and returns at the nine minute mark. The enemy Jax AFKs at the 15 minute mark for some reason. We win the game due to their surrender vote.

Match 2 - Our fourth or last pick "never played a ranged ADC" before and picks Xin Zhao. I say, okay since I got Katarina again. I try my hardest to screw the enemy...
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