So I've played three ranked games so far. I must say . . . they seem like I started League all over again from level 1 or something.

Match 1 - I get Katarina. Our Shaco AFKs (lol Law of Inverse Shaco) and returns at the nine minute mark. The enemy Jax AFKs at the 15 minute mark for some reason. We win the game due to their surrender vote.

Match 2 - Our fourth or last pick "never played a ranged ADC" before and picks Xin Zhao. I say, okay since I got Katarina again. I try my hardest to screw the enemy Kassadin who went full out flat AP judging by his stats at level 1, but had no magic resist. I kill him at six after he wastes his silence for a last hit since he's too afraid to come up due to all the harass he ate earlier. I then camp bottom hard, hoping to shut down the enemy bot lane as our Xin Zhao rushed Frozen Mallet. We win due to the enemy surrender vote after taking mid inhibitor.

Match 3 - I get Katarina and my team got Malphite top. I believe this was a pretty normal game where I beat out their Lux at level 8 or so. They surrender as all our lanes won very hard.

Conclusion so far: Placement matches are ELO hell?

Notes: I play all three of those ranked games at mid-night to reduce chances of trolls or kids playing.

What were your placement matches like? o_O

Edit: I switched match 2 and 3 as they were in the wrong order. They are correct now.