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Sword Art Natsu
Blitzcrank, Xin Zhao, Nami


Welcome to my profile page! I'm Sword Art Natsu (a.k.a cyberskull). I'm a 20 year old League of Legends player. I blog on mobafire and sometimes write guides to help people out. Here's some info about me if you're curious:

Some information about me:
- I'm currently in Platinum Tier on my main and in Gold Tier on my 2nd account.
- I have a really bad PC but I'm getting a new one SoonTM!
- I'm 20 years old.
- I've been playing League since 2010. I guess you could say I'm a veteran.
- ******ed people piss me off >.<
- I am NOT a girl
- I watch anime and read manga. A lot.
- Excluding my bad PC and mouse, I often forget crucial bits of information when I'm in-game (too busy trying to focus on one thing) which is why I'm just an average player. Forgetting stuff is probably my biggest weakness as a player.
- I troll a lot when I'm in the mood for it!
- I play Osu or Stepmania sometimes. My name in Osu is the same as my League name.

If you want to contact me:
- Add me on Skype (terminator_xp)
- Message me here on Mobafire via PM
- Follow me on twitter (@SwordArtNatsu)
- E-mail me at
- Add me in League (Sword Art Natsu on EU West, HeavenlyRegalia on EU West and XxLokexX on NA although keep in mind I don't visit my NA account too often)

Extra Stuff:
- My Anime List ->

- Ask me questions at and

League of Legends Champions:

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