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cyberskull's Mobafire Blog

03 Jun

Views: 917 A return to blogging?

Soooo. It's been 4 years since I was last on here and blogged. I don't play LoL anymore. I've grown to hate the game and the direction it slowly went into. I've grown to heavily dislike Riot as well.

So why am I even posting on here?

Well aside from boredom, even though I don't play LoL anymore, I still have opinions on it. So I might share them here from time to time. We'll see though. This might be just a one-off post. But it might become a recurring thing. Time will tell.

To those reading, are there any of you out there that remember me from when I was still active? Kinda...
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06 Apr
For me it's definitely Varus. Although if we go beyond just one champion, I'd say any immobile AD Carry that is strong early but weak late game.

Varus is just so awful in my opinion. And here's my reasoning. What are the main reasons why the pro players started picking him?

-Good early game
-Great power spike with Rageblade
-Good poke and solid DPS if left untouched

Let me go over why those three reasons are invalid.

First of all his early game. Okay he has a good early game. So what? Most of the time when I see a Varus, he's unable to capitalize on his early game. And even if...
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28 Mar
Hi all. Been a while since I've been here. And especially since I've written one of these.

Some of you may remember me as that dude with the average Katarina guide which has a lot of views just cause it's been out for a while. Or...well...possibly none of you remember me. I'm not sure how many of the old school members of Mobafire are still on here or are reading blog posts. But yeah basically, I know I often come back here for a short period of time and then disappear. And I used to feel bad about that but then I figured, why feel bad about it? I'm not really breaking any rules by doing...
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15 Mar

Views: 286 Streaming now!

Just a quick blog post. I'm streaming now at

Chill reggae music + ranked games. Come say hi if you want! I don't wanna play League too much but I'm dealing with being ignored by someone so I need to distract myself to not feel too sad ^__^

See you in the stream if you decide to visit~
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10 Nov
So first of all I'd like to say that I've updated the Katarina guide for the changes made to her.

Long time no see btw! Sorry about not posting much. I've been busy writing articles and doing website work. Anyways, how did you guys finish your ranked season? Here's my results per account:

Main Account EUW (I played the least on this one due to ****py MMR, I usually play ADC on it) - Gold IV

Second Account EUW (Tryharded the most on this one. Played Support/ADC) - Platinum V

Third Account EUW (My AP Support Ashe account, I also play stuff like Support Warwick, Support Xin,...
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