I am living in Germany (and was born there as well) and I'm 16 years old.
My name is Philipp aka AndroidPron aka Xiron.

How I arrived to League of Legends

When I first heard about League of Legends I never thought that it'd be this good. It's the best game I've ever played (compared to the money I payed and the hours I've played). I never thought I could really like this game. "It's for kids". But then my friends convinced me to try it. Somehow... I liked it.
Then I discovered my first Champion Veigar. I liked playing him because I was able to deal tons of damage over a really short time. The next Champion I bought was Nocturne.
Hell I loved this... thing.
League of Legends caught me.
Then I wanted to actually know what I was doing. I searched for Guides. Then I heared about MOBAFire. After reading some guides I wanted to write my own. Not only to improve my English but because it seemed alot of fun. After some failed guides I finally discovered my champion. Wukong. I wrote one of the firsts guides for him and I really wanna thank anyone who helped me improving this guide.
Thanks guys!

Champions I like to play