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Solo queue game 2


Top: Shyvana vs Gangplank
Middle: Sion vs Swain
Bottom: Miss Fortune and Alistar vs Kog'maw and Ryze
Jungle: Shaco vs Fiddlesticks


Pretty interesting game, looked like it was going to be a rough one.

Started out normal as ever, no first blood action.

The Kog'maw - Ryze combo was a premade and was actually very tricky to deal with. Luckily I was Alistar so I could babysit the Miss Fortune pretty well and we had alot of support from both Shaco and Sion throughout the game.

First blood happened bottom lane, as Shaco was setting up for a gank in their tri-bush, boxing it up while Miss Fortune was pushing the lane up. Fiddlesticks wanted to come in for a gank but ran into the sea of boxes and died. As I went to help Shaco who was low health and under attack by Ryze, Miss Fortune actually died by Kog'maw, who we then easily picked up giving us 2 kills for 1.

The game got pretty scary when Shaco went mid for a gank on Swain and Swain somehow killed them b…

Some basic stuff

Not gonna do anything fancy with my blog. Just gonna post things i feel like. Mostly ARTS and pony related stuff.

Guess i could go on some basic stuff about my self.

I am 16 years old as of date. I am male and live in Sweden. Games are probably on my top 3 media i enjoy. 1.Music 2.Games 3.Cartoons

I am one big freaking music lover. And i love all kind of music, as long as it is good music. From mainstream pop, to the hardest of metal. I listen to all of it. Favorite genre right now is probably metal core or Eurobeat. Yeah... I know, i am weird.

When it comes to games, i grew up with RTS's. I played all of them. Age of empires, starcraft, Command and conquer and warcraft. And you all know, if you play warcraft 3. You had to play some Dota. And i fell in love with it! It is quite the journey, but i pretty much play and enjoy all of the 3 big ARTS games out there.

Hell i even had my own little call of duty phase. But that is another story. Now i mostly only play Team fortress 2 when …

Solo queue game 1


First game of the day and a win, yay!

I was third pick and after a huge misunderstanding in champion select, I ended up getting Warwick random'd to me, which was fine since I wanted to solo top anyway.

Game started off pretty normal, no first blood attempts. I was laning against Shyvana who never really gave me any trouble. Our bottom lane got first blood after a gank from Gangplank and pretty much dominated their lane from there. Mid lane was in Brands favor pretty much the entire game as well, he managed to pick up a few kills on Cassiopeia with some help from Gangplank.

At level 6, I managed to kill Shyvana with an ult - ignite - Q combo, she tried to stay in lane way too long. Game was pretty one sided at this point, we were up 6-0 in kills, 2-0 in towers and 2-0 in dragons. Everyone continued to control their lanes well as we went into mid game.

15 minutes in, my team started fighting for Dragon as I was pushing top, we ended up losing 2 people but taking the drago…

Ranked solo queue games

Hey, this is where I will keep track of my ranked solo queue games while I try to ascend the Elo ladder. This will hopefully help me analyze my mistakes better to improve my play and maybe give someone something interesting to read in the process.
I will include screenshots of the endgame screen, my thoughts about how the games went and what I could have done better, as well as a LoLreplay of every game.

WIN-LOSS: 54-52

Game Mechanics Part II - Disables


Hello fellow readers, in this post I will discuss the several disables that will be avaiable in Swords of Darkness. You will probably recognise most of then from LoL but some are different and others are new. Well, let us get started already.

The Disables

Below I have listed all disables that will occur in Swords of Darkness:
Prevents all action for its duration.
As in League of Legends, the stun prevents the affected hero of performing any action for the duration. This includes movement, casting spells, using items, etc. Chatting is allowed though.

Prevents all movement, including movement spells.
The snare is the same as in LoL. The affected target cannot move for its duration but is allowed to cast spells, except for spells that will change the affected target's position.

Prevents the casting of any spells.
The silenced target cannot cast s

Olaf - The Murderous Madman from North (jungle beast)


To make something clear, Olaf is the man, Olaf is the real man. He is also your bro. He is no coward, he is big *** ballin' Viking with axes and power of Lighting Strikes granted by Thor. As some guy said on how he see way of playing Olaf: Violently chopping my opponents face with my axes, then drinking their blood mixed with beer and cocaine. True, Olaf is pure violence and it shouldn't be played by kids bellow 15, and woman. So if you are a man and got used to see violence, go ahead and read how to play this murderous madman from north...


Berzerker Rage

This passive makes you very resistant at low health combined with lifesteal, and also it makes you an extremely fast jungling machine. Basically, you're pleased staying at low health, but of course we want to build health items what is makes this passive much more effective. Lower your health is, more deadly you'll become.


Your bread and butter tool and by far my favorite ability…

The Journey Begins (Elo Journey)

I will now start posting about journey from elo hell to the top of the ranks. I want to at least get to 1800+ but I'll settle for a gold medal so 1600+ is fine with me. My Elo rank starting at 10 games is 1293. I only duo solo que with my friend who plays one hell of a support while I can play multiple roles but if he doesn't duo que with me then I will just play by myself. I will let everyone know if I solo or duo que with the tags.

Strategy Session #1: Smartcasting

Hello, and welcome to my first installment of strategy sessions. This is going to be a weekly (or biweekly, haven't decided yet) series of blog posts covering some basic game strategy that some people don't even think about. I'm going to be focusing this on the AP carry role but I believe this can apply to other roles as well. So let's get to it!

Smart casting is a skill that can greatly enhance the quality of your gameplay. It can allow your champion to flow much more easily when in fights/preforming combos. If you watch high elo streams, a lot (not all) of these players use smart casting on their champions. For me, I consider smart casting on a champ by champ basis, seeing which combo works for me. Other players are just going to smart cast on every champ they use. If you haven't tried out smart casting yet, I highly recommend you should. It can change your gameplay for the better and really help you improve. Here are some AP carries I currently smart cast on.

Orianna - Q

The Right Support for the Job

Supporting is a very strategic role, and a major part of the strategy is picking the right support for your team (or to counter the enemy team!). Ideally if you're supporting you will be one of the last picks, and if you're in a premade be sure to coordinate picks with your team.

I just wanted to go through my thought process when I'm picking a support in Draft Mode.

- - -


- Enemy team has an AOE ult comp. Ex: Fiddlesticks,

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