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Who do you want to have on your team?

Hi guys, I feel that this is a recurring theme that has been brought up to me time and time again, and there are always people who want to know how I feel about the subject since I don't always agree with what is 'Commonly accepted" yet are a very successful and strong player using my own preferred methods.

So the question is, if Duff could have it, "Duff's way," every single game, and get to decide what his team comp looked like, what would his ideal team compositions be?

This is both a hard and a simple question to answer, so please, consider this blog an eternal work in progress. I will continue to update this as I go.

Over time I will add more champions and more explanations as to why these champions do what they do well, and why I -personally prefer- these champs to other champs.


Olaf (God tier solo top right now. He is 100% over powered and will be until nerfs.)

Cho'Gath (Great sustain, lots of rune combinations work well on Cho'Gath. Most likely Cho will n…


Not to sound like an ******* or something. But really, the name of this genre is not MOBA, it is ****ing ARTS!

To make this clear:

ARTS = Action real time strategy.

MOBA = Multiplayer online battle arena.

This entire genre kinda spawned and became popular from the game Warcraft 3. An RTS. It took the more action focused things from this game(mostly the micro.) and made it into DOTA. Hence the name. Action RTS.

MOBA on the other hand kinda fits also. Only thing it fits into so many other game types. I could say that most FPS's is a MOBA, because it fits onto the description. Same goes for games like Wow arena and bloodlince champions.

So for the love of god stop calling these games MOBA's and start calling them ARTS's.

Thank you. hugs and kisses, your love potatisfarfar.

Lament of a Jungler - My Thoughts on the Jungle Change

Just as a little insight into the situation, Guinsoo posted on the US forums and twitter a while ago (since he doesn't post on the EU at all - I might get some of this wrong, but from a collection of tweets and posts, I've found a lot of it out myself) about a few jungle changes/reworks that will be coming in soon.
Edit: Here's a link to some of the stuff caught on his twitter.

Basically, to sum it up -
1. Reduces effectiveness of counter-jungling
2. Decreases camp respawn times, but decreases XP gained
3. Red buff no longer slows, but gives you a speed boost
4. Creep camps hit lower, making jungling completely sustainable for almost all champions
5. Allow lower level players to be able to jungle without runes/masteries
6. Allow more champions to be able to jungle
7. Makes Smite 'no longer essential' for junglers

Now, I'm COMPLETELY against ALL of these changes, with the exception being possibly numbe…

Solo queue game 3



Top: Riven vs Warwick
Middle: Sion vs Akali
Bottom: Ezreal and Sona vs Vayne and Janna
Jungle: Shyvana vs Udyr


Oh man I got carried hard this game.

Never laned against Warwick as Riven before so didn't really know how to approach it rune/mastery/build wise. Decided to go tanky as it turned out we were going to need it.

First blood happened top lane as Shyvana ganked top twice, we picked up the kill the second time as Warwick had pushed all the way to my tower and had no way to escape.
From there the lane was pretty even, I could never really go agressive with his sustain being so high and the threat of his ult/ignite combo.
I ended up dying twice in lane cause of Udyr ganks (grrr purple side top lane)

Mid seemed to be even, traded a few kills here and there, nothing special.

Bottom lane however was getting stomped pretty hard and Vayne was getting pretty big and scary, ended up being a real pain too.
The first 'teamfight' occured at their blue arou…

Omagma's Champions #1

Hey there stranger!

The name is Omagma.

I play a lot of video games, mostly Lol and several fighting games.

I also play a lot of board games and role playing games as well.

This blog will mostly contain me ranting and discussing video games and nerd culture Alike, I will also post my custom champion ideas here as well

Welcome to Omagma's Champions!

This is the only place on the internet where you can find Omagma's own Champions! (consider your self lucky)

I have several great (in my opinion) Champion ideas that I want share whit you guys.

"My champions" is a loose term, since I will mostly be using pop culture icons and turn them into champions.

I hope that you have a good read, and feel free to give me a comment telling me how awesome i am. (or how bad my grammar is.... itss bad not thats muchx)

#1 Derpy Hooves, the muffin mancer


Flying around Ponyvile, a special kind of mage can be found.

Normally, she can be found either emptying your fridge or filling you…


My name is Bryan, also known as "Obtains".
I'd say I've been around for quite some time in the MobaFire community.
At first I used to just look through site for guides and builds and decided that I should make a guide to actually contribute to the site instead of just taking. So I made one, Akali: The Epitome Of An Assassin.. Now before it did not look anything like that at all. It was had a very "amatuer-ish" look to it, so I finally decided to lurk in the forums in hope for some advice. Alas, after posting in random threads, I met jhoijhoi she had created a "I Will Review Your Guide" Thread, and immediately posted in it asking for advice, I can not say how much she has helped me improve my guide, and soon after recommending it along with wRATHofVulcan (Will fix later).

Now I'm here to attempt to help others as quite a few have done for me, (PsiGuard<3).
Although, I haven't been chatting much, I will try to help through my busy schedule.

How to Write a Good Paragraph for a Story

Greetings fellow MobaFirites! This blog will be about how to write a good paragraph for your novel, or story. We've all had those days when "Harry hit Jennifer", and when you read back over it you think to yourself, "Wow, that was written so badly, wth was I smoking". I know sometimes I read an old paragraph and go all OCD with my need to "fix" it up. So I thought I'd share with you all my tips and tricks to writing a good paragraph :)

First you want to start off with an idea. For the sake of this blog, say you're writing about a young man of noble blood (but he doesn't know it!) and the genre is fantasy. He's currently in a duel with his arch nemesis, who is also noble born (and PLOT TWIST, they're brothers!!!) and slightly better at swordplay.

Good guy: Radyr Movelique
Bad guy: Jawn Harkson

So at the moment, you've got something like:

Radyr stabbed Jawn in the leg.

It's okay, we can work with this, it's fixable, I swear.

We need to look at this sentence and see what we can…


Well gee gee. Since this is here I might as well make use of it. Ya know so it's not like the numerous threads that I never vist. What will I use it for?


Oh right little pissed. I was just adding to my tanking guide, and suddenly one of my tabs freaks out on me. It claims that this is some kind of online software and virus searcher. Yeah right BS! I try to close out of it and you know it is one of those loop hole ones that when you try to exit out of it will just stall you. So I have to lose all the work I did (which I will do tomorrow most likely) because of it. Good news is Norton blocked the attack.

Space Marine: They may have us outnumbered! Outgunned! That doesn't matter! WE ARE SPACE MARINES! For one of us they shall lose thousands!

Really in a warhammer 40k mood right now. FOR THE IMPERIUM!

My little music update #1

So i will be doing these from my blog from now on. So i hope it works out for ya!

I just have a soft spot for these acoustic songs it seems. So incredible awesome when done right. Any way. Take some updates:

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