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china vs india

China e India los dos gigantes asiáticos, los países más poblados del mundo (China 1380 millones de habitantes e India 1100 millones de habitantes), ambos países emergentes y miembros del grupo de las BRIC, viven actualmente un formidable desarrollo económico, sus economías crecen a gran velocidad a pesar de la crisis de Europa y el enfriamiento de la economía Estadounidense, pero ¿Que tan parecidas son sus economías? se podría pensar que mucho ya que tienen una población y tasas de crecimiento económico similares. Sin embargo, la realidad es que estas dos economías son muy distintas una de otra.

Existen muchos estudios en donde se comparan los indicadores económicos de ambos países, lo que se puede concluir de los indicadores es que China lidera en general los índices económicos frente a la India, además contrario a lo que muchos pueden pensar la brecha entre ambos países se incrementa año tras año, el desarrollo de China es muy distinto al de India, cada vez es …

Tank Poppy

So, I had this crazy idea.
Tank Poppy.

Her innate defenses from her passive make her an already annoying duelist and she has the CC and damage to be a threat. The only issue with this is her farming so she would either have to be solo top, which works, or jungling.

She can easily build meta-golem with extra HP items and an MR item or two.

Thoughts on this... insanity?

A Veternas Day thing

Hey All:

In the USA/Canada it is Veteran's/Remembrance day. I just thought I would like everyone who reads this to take some time and rember all the military that is currently active, either by helping to defend a border, or going out and assisting other nations whether it would be in the Middle East, Africa, or anywhere else in the world.

I would also like to take this opportunity to broadcast that I am in fact a Veteran. I am a member of the United states Air Force as an Aircraft Mechanic. I have had a hand in several different areas of the world, either directly or indirectly. I know people who have deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. I have had a hand in the US efforts in Libya, and I have been to Kuwait to repair Aircraft in a staging area we have there.

But in seriousness I've had friends die out there. so please take some time to honor your nations Veterans

Why i don't find this game fun to play alone.

I don't play this game alone, ever. Maybe one time when i feel really bored, but most of the time i play with at least one different person. Why?

Because i find this game boring, why? Because this meta is ****ing set in stone. There is not really any other tactics than the normal. And if you do anything ealse you are more or less considered a troll.

For example, when i play alone, i always troll with my champion select. (Ap malphite is my favorite). But that is beside the point. Lets take Heroes of Newerth for example. There are so many setups, and counter setups. Of course there is a standard that most people take in tournaments and stuff. But even there you will always see different lane setups.

So when you go into the a game alone, you have no idea what kind of role you are gonna play, or what roles you are gonna play with.

Maybe we have a trilane bottom. With a strong roamer than can creep stack and gank mid. But then there is a risk that the enemy picks a strong pushing comp a…

Sigs, Otep, and dancing to Sara Bareilles

So I was in the middle of making some new banners for my signature shop this morning when this song came up on Pandora (seems pretty normal right?).
Now usually I would have ignored it, but I just had this random desire to dance. So here I am dancing in my chair like an idiot. Took me a moment to notice what I was doing and when I did I just kept going (still working on the banners even)

Later today I'm listening again and this comes on:
No desire to dance (ofc), but still happily listening because Otep is OP. And I happen to really feel like listening to that sort of music today.

Something else I really enjoy. Dream Theater is just pure AWESOME.

Look even more music ^.^ I love how pure Lisa Kelly's voice is. Not to say I don't like the other members of Celtic Women, I just happen to REALLY love her voice.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

So after 12 straight wins with lee sin and over 10 straight wins in general, I finally lost, and I lost in a demoralizing fashion. Of course, it had to be on my 13th game. **** that number.

In this game they ran roam shaco and jungle fiddle, and completely stomped all lanes. I didn't play it properly obviously, and was pretty confused as to what to do in the jungle. This is like seeing some build you have never seen before in SC2 and getting completely stomped by it. Sucks, but just gotta analyze my play and move on.

It goes to show that nobody is perfect, and you gotta be willing to improve! Signing off, the very sad EvilDice.

Ramblings about voting

It seems like a good idea if the amount of votes a person has voted versus their amount of guide comments were tracked. Plus, up votes minus down votes.
Why? Well everyone complains about trolls on this site, and rather than track every single comment it would be much easier to ban so called "trolls" by just looking at these stats.
Ex: Person A has 58 up votes to 37 down votes, with 113 total guide comments.
^This person looks like a good community member to me
Ex: Person B has 0 up votes to 7869 down votes, with 418 total guide comments.
^Looks like a troll to me.

I know this isn't likely to happen, and someone has probably thought of this before, just my ramblings :P
Hey, why bother reading if you expected anything else? The title SAYS ramblings after all.

New OP: Kog'maw

So I got tired of the inability to carry hard enough with typical solo top champs, because I just feel that you don't have enough effect on the late game to make up for your afk farming for the first 20 minutes of the game. So I switched to try out AD bot. It sounds kinda iffy, considering you are forced to lane with an unpredictable support that, for all you know, could be horrible -cough feeding alistars rampant-. But I found that even if you feed a bit early game, as long as you keep it under control and play relatively safe in lane, you WILL outcarry other champs in the game.

But I didn't want just any champ for hard balls to the wall carrying. I wanted the best. I didn't really like how Graves worked because I don't like relying purely on skills to do damage. That left me either Caitlyn, Vayne, Kog'maw, or Tristana as the hardest carries into late game. Tristana's skillset is a bit lackluster in teamfights, so I ruled her out. Caitlyn was great early game and great late game, but…

Summoner spells. The best and worst thing about league.

You might know or not know that i am quite the high level HoN player, not pro level, but i am way beyond the standard (around 1700 LoL ELO).

So you might not be surprised when i say, i would celebrate the day they remove summoner spells from this game. Why? simply because they bring more pain then joy for me. Let me explain.

I as probably most of us think it is incredible fun to flash in for a kill, or survive only with some little bits of health left. But the problem is, you are only one person, so you only got 2 spells to use. But the enemy is 5 people, so they can use there spells 10 times against you.

So as much fun it is to use them, they are more often than not gonna be used against you more. Making it very much... Anti fun.

And don't even get me started on the idiotic balance with them. It is basically so incredible bad thought out in my opinion. Let me share some thoughts on my most hated ones.

Oh god, don't even get me started on this spell. It is a short instan…

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