So I got tired of the inability to carry hard enough with typical solo top champs, because I just feel that you don't have enough effect on the late game to make up for your afk farming for the first 20 minutes of the game. So I switched to try out AD bot. It sounds kinda iffy, considering you are forced to lane with an unpredictable support that, for all you know, could be horrible -cough feeding alistars rampant-. But I found that even if you feed a bit early game, as long as you keep it under control and play relatively safe in lane, you WILL outcarry other champs in the game.

But I didn't want just any champ for hard balls to the wall carrying. I wanted the best. I didn't really like how Graves worked because I don't like relying purely on skills to do damage. That left me either Caitlyn, Vayne, Kog'maw, or Tristana as the hardest carries into late game. Tristana's skillset is a bit lackluster in teamfights, so I ruled her out. Caitlyn was great early game and great late game, but the fact that she needed to "pick off" champs more than straight up teamfight deterred me. That left me with Vayne and Kog'maw. I honestly couldn't tell you who carries harder late game, given equal skill levels. It was either Vayne's ridiculous true damage combined with a great skillset for dealing damage and mobility, or Kog'maw's stupid good range combined with hybrid damage without having to build hybrid, as well as his poking and slow properties.

I knew that a while back I had tried the route of AD carry for a while, back when it was normal to see solo mid ashe's and the like. I knew that I was lackluster with shorter ranged champs, and I really liked pulling off clutch skillshot kills, such as Ezreal and Kennen.

It was settled: Kog'maw was my new champ to learn. Bio-arcane Barrage is completely overpowered. It gives % damage per hit, plus a hell of a lot of range, rivaling the likes of tristana at lv 18. His Q gives him passive attack speed AND armor debuff, his E gives a REALLY strong teamfight slow that can really hinder the mobility of the enemy team in the chaos. His R is one of the most useful ults in the game IMO. he can scout from almost a full screen away at lv 16, and it scales with 50% of AD. I have already pulled off more clutch kills with Kog'maw than I can count with this skill.

I have found that Kog'maw consistently outcarries anyone else in the game. They can have a fed akali, but she cant stop kogmaw going into late game. They can have a kassadin and fiddlesticks together, and STILL not manage to shut down kogmaw fast enough. Not to mention if Kog happens to die in a fight it activates his passive. Think of it as an AOE chogath ult. It does less damage than 800 true damage, but the aoe factor can really turn a teamfight. It can zone certain champs if they are paying attention, or it can really wreak havoc on enemy teams if they ignore you. Not that you should be using this often, But I have gotten plenty of kills with it already, earning some easy revenge kills.

Building wriggles, zerk greaves, infinity edge and PD are really all kogmaw needs to do a ridiculous amount of damage. At that point in the game, building banshees and guardian angel can make kog a pain in the *** to kill in a teamfight, considering he is immune to the first skill and he has significant resistances and health to back it up. Plus the revive from GA. Combine that with absurd range, Kog is a force. Late game you can opt to trade out wriggles for Bloodthirster, and your boots for another PD (havent gotten that far ever, but I think your move speed would be around 400 with two PDs).

I have yet to be outcarried by any AD bot. I even outcarried a fed vayne at my elo. Ya. That strong. At least 75% of my games Ive heard someone say "wow. kog op" or something similar. Please please please pick up this champ before he is perma banned. You will be guaranteed to get out of elo hell if you learn him.

Expect a guide in the near future. Ive already started working on it. We'll see if Mowen ends up helping me at all.