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Restrictnine#5232's Mobafire Blog

18 Feb
Shen - His harass was stupid, but manageable before. After the remake, not only did they buff his ability to trade damage, they buffed his ultimate, they buffed the sustain he has... Well, they buffed everything. Ki Strike is based on his attacks too now, his Q heal scales on his max health, his taunt is better, his shield is better. He's essentially a required ban now.

Ziggs - His laning phase is pretty decent, but what really shines is his late game. 1500 range 300 aoe poke on a cooldown of only a few seconds. Plus his ultimate has some major damage potential. just really...
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07 Feb
casseopeia - Insanity. Her lane phase is unmatched. Her teamfight is unmatched. Arguably the most baron damage from any ap carry. For some reason people don't see it yet. When people say "vladimir has no counter", or "mordekaiser has no hard counter"... well I might throw casseopeia into the conversation. She's getting nerfed. play her while you can.

Vladimir - Although I said Cass is a possible counter to him, I haven't actually tested it out. That being said, Vladimir is completely OP right now. Slap a WotA on him and he goes crazy. He wins trades with...
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20 Jan

Views: 1904 v1.0.0.132

Again, apologies for the inactivity. Partly because im lazy, and partly because Viktor wasnt worth an update, honestly. Sejuani was an actual patch.

I'm not sure about the other tier lists, because I actually havent gotten any updates since the last one i posted. Considering taking them down soon enough. We shall see.

Right. Here we begin.

Kennen - Hes just really freaking strong in lane AND didnt get a nerf. Plus his teamfighting and poke are really good. Mobility too.

Vayne - still of the strongest carries. Vayne Kog and Graves are definitely the strongest right now,...
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27 Dec
First of all, I apologize for being out of action for such a long period of time. My entire future kinda counted on the past few weeks and I figured wasting it on MOBAfire wasn't quite worth the decades of anguish and sorrow. Fortunately, I succeeded in finals week and will still be with you guys for at least another 5 months! Anyways, Lets get on to it. I noticed a lot of tier 1 / tier 2 switches. The only one to rise out of tier 3 was Jarvan. He makes an amazing non-sustain support, and his jungle isnt half bad either. On the other side, the only one to fall to tier 3 was renekton. I just...
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16 Nov
Xerath - finally saw some good xeraths, and his damage is insane.

Olaf - ask Duff.

Shaco - Still not tier 1 at this elo, but there are some good shacos out there.

Wukong - whatever riot did in that patch, really made wukong good. He is like Lee sin with an AMAZING ULT. That ult is a gamechanger. No joke. His Q is finally good, like it was originally supposed to be, and his stealth isn't ******ed anymore.

Skarner - After the buffs, hes basically Udyr's twin.

Nasus - overestimated him. Still good, but there are a lot of counters to him.

Akali -...
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