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Lv 100 Croconaw (Unverified)
Ivern, Bard
Jungle, Support


Gender: Male
Age: Barely Legal
Sexual Orientation: Japanese
Role: MOBAfire's Villain.
Qualifications: You've done worse.

There once was a vast realm where nothing existed. One day, there came to be a being whom was known by all as Tim's Berners-Lee who saw this vast realm of nothingness. He took his almighty hand and built himself a keyboard, in which he used as his baton to conduct a symphony of creation. With an almighty swing of his Baton, he created the internet. And it was good. Much life flourished on the internet and all was well, until ebaumsworld came into existence. The internet was corrupted and filled with memes and terrible humor, so Tim Berners-Lee decided to try again. And with an almighty click his mouse, the internet stopped existing.

There are two sides to a coin, and the same went for this vast space. So with a mighty flick of his baton, the internet 2.0 was birthed again. And all was well and perfect. Then, the corruption from the other side of the internet creeped its way to the surface from the underside. This spawned a new evil known as 4chan, which spawned memes and an_heros alike. And all became bad.

Running out of coin sides to flip, Tim Berners-Lee met his match, and decided to cast an abomination unto this land. He called his sources at Toshiba and consulted them for almighty advice. They created a being that would create balance unto this realm. But to avoid suspicion of origin or association with Toshiba, they cleverly named him Toshabi. And so he existed on MOBAfail, the source of all evil, and the internet became balanced.

And all was good.
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