You might know or not know that i am quite the high level HoN player, not pro level, but i am way beyond the standard (around 1700 LoL ELO).

So you might not be surprised when i say, i would celebrate the day they remove summoner spells from this game. Why? simply because they bring more pain then joy for me. Let me explain.

I as probably most of us think it is incredible fun to flash in for a kill, or survive only with some little bits of health left. But the problem is, you are only one person, so you only got 2 spells to use. But the enemy is 5 people, so they can use there spells 10 times against you.

So as much fun it is to use them, they are more often than not gonna be used against you more. Making it very much... Anti fun.

And don't even get me started on the idiotic balance with them. It is basically so incredible bad thought out in my opinion. Let me share some thoughts on my most hated ones.

Oh god, don't even get me started on this spell. It is a short instant teleport, with moderate cooldown. And i have played this game long enough, to tell you that blink is the most annoying mechanic in the entire ARTS genre, why? If you ask this then clearly you haven't experienced 10000 kills surviving becouse they blinked away in the last second) So what does riot decide to do? Give every hero in the ****ing game a blink! I accept it on heroes, because they most of the times have there entire kit balanced around the fact that they can blink (btw, i ****ing hate Kassadin, but not mostly for his blink). In the Dota for example, every hero can buy an item that lets them instantly teleport huge distances. But you can't use it after taking damage. Kinda like garen's passive work. So you need to play smart if you wanna escape with it, so you never feel cheated when they survive because of it.

This summoner spell, take away all the skill in a duel. It doesn't matter how well i play if the enemy exhaust me, i won't be able to win. I go super micro mode with sivir against an auto attacking graves for example, he survives with 200 hp, why? He ****ing exhausted me! I mean really, all this skill does is make one person useless more or less. Really makes me sad...

Yes i know the game is kinda balanced around it and they will not remove it. But i can still ***** right? Will be interesting to see what they do with the remake of the summoner spells. But in till then, all i can say is this. **** FLASH AND EXHAUST!

Punches and kicks, your love PotatisFarfar.