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17 Aug
I can't believe it, a really personal post by me! The lows i have sunken to. And i warn you now, it will get sappy, so brace your selves!

I bet no one of you know this, but for nearly exactly a year from now, i was really ****ing depressed, and i mean considering suicide level depression here. Why i was is? None of your ****ing business!

But what i am happy to tell you guys is that in the last year i have worked my self out of it and grown as a person. So i wanted to make this post to say thank you, to every one on the site. And give some shout out's to some of ya.

So no need to...
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16 Jan
If you didn't know already. Applejack is now best Mane pony. Why you ask? She needs more ****ing love! I mean wow cmon. Just because she don't joke so much like the others doesn't mean she deserves less love.

She have all the pro's of rainbowdash and none of her cons. She is a stong, loyal, honest, a great sister, friend, etc...

Just gonna leave this here:
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24 Dec

Views: 1644 GOD JUL!

I am sitting here writing this full with delicious Christmas food.

Just wanted to take the time to wish you all a happy Christmas (or whatever you celebrate). I sure am gonna enjoy mine.
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02 Dec
So where to begin. This is the reasons i do not like rainbow dash as much as the other mane characters.

1. She is an, in all honesty ***. Trixie is humble compared to Rainbow.

2. She falls flat in sheer character development. Not much have changed with rainbow dash at all. What lessons have she learned?

3. She doesn't have any awesome breakdown compared to the other ponies. Take for example the Discord episodes, everypony gets an awesome twist to them. (Flutterbich is my favorite). And her season 1 breakdown, was just her being a *****. How is that interesting?

4. She never...
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