So I was in the middle of making some new banners for my signature shop this morning when this song came up on Pandora (seems pretty normal right?).
Now usually I would have ignored it, but I just had this random desire to dance. So here I am dancing in my chair like an idiot. Took me a moment to notice what I was doing and when I did I just kept going (still working on the banners even)

Later today I'm listening again and this comes on:
No desire to dance (ofc), but still happily listening because Otep is OP. And I happen to really feel like listening to that sort of music today.

Something else I really enjoy. Dream Theater is just pure AWESOME.

Look even more music ^.^ I love how pure Lisa Kelly's voice is. Not to say I don't like the other members of Celtic Women, I just happen to REALLY love her voice.

Can't forget some Kpop :D though today it was just a little bit too girly and soft for me.

Aah I love this song....

This list could go on and on and on and on...