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HotshotGG is not a god

Stop fapping to his streams. Stop fanboying over him in threads. Take down that alter of him I know you have in your closet that you pay tribute to at the start of every game. And please oh please, enough with the "Hotshot's guides are ****ING AMAZING, what are you even ****ING TALKING ABOUT" remarks to me when I talk to you off site about how terrible his guides are. Admittedly he's a good player, but that doesn't mean you need to shove your **** into a picture of him at every available moment. It never ceases to amaze me how much people cling to any advice he gives like it's the gospel and it's exactly how things are. Having any other opinion is out of the question and you neither test nor research anything he'll tell you. Hell, some people are hung up on every word that that man says to the point that they will play AD Janna because HotshotGG said it was the new OP. Grow a set and make your own name for yourself instead of riding the **** of an already popular player. Having role mo…

Omagma´s champions #2

Welcome to Omagma's Champions!

This is the only place on the internet where you can find Omagma's own Champions! (consider your self lucky)

I have several great (in my opinion) Champion ideas that I want share whit you guys.

"My champions" is a loose term, since I will mostly be using pop culture icons and turn them into champions.

I hope that you have a good read, and feel free to give me a comment telling me how awesome i am. (or how bad my grammar is.... itss bad not thats muchx)

# Applejack, The captain of the Celestial dawn


In a world where all is controlled by magic, earth mages are sometimes left behind.

Earth mages do not possess the same magical power that their counterparts, the Unicorn and the Pegasus control, but Earth mages makes up for it in raw strength.

Applejack is a farmer, she’s been a farmer her entire life. Not only have this made her strong, it has also improved the small amount of magic that rest in her body.

Her magic is still weak compared to…

What a day !

Wow. So I have so much to tell all of you. It came to me that things have looked up. In my Student Government class where I had been doing pretty bad, I got an A+ on a "peace" poem which I will be presenting! Aha. I also found my math folder with all my assignments. Things are really looking up :).
Anyways Today's progress;
- 7 games played
6 wins , 1 loss
- 3200/3150 IP
- 50 IP remaining
- Akali bought
- New friend who plays AP sion.
WOOOOO. what a day. that's all for now. okay. bye and good night.

Solo queue game 8



Top: Irelia vs Wukong
Middle: Sion vs Karthus
Bottom: Graves and Nidalee vs Caitlyn and Soraka
Jungle: Shaco vs Nocturne


This was a pretty fun, back and forth game. I picked up Sion for this game, haven't played him all that much but let's face it. He's not hard to play and just plain overpowered.

First blood happened mid as Nocturne came for a gank on me but got way too greedy trying to dive me. Both him and Karthus were at less than 10% health but I didn't have the mana or health to finish them off, so in came Shaco for an easy kill on Nocturne, but dying under the turret as well.

Top lane, Irelia was doing very well against Wukong, out CS'ing him pretty hard and getting a few kills on him during the laning phase. Neither of them had alot of jungle visits so not much action happened there.

Down at bottom lane, Nidalee and Graves were having a very difficult time dealing with Caitlyn and Graves, though with tons of ganks from both Shaco and me, we …

Stop being so *****y.

Here i go on for another rant. What is it on today's menu? Oh, *****y mid laners... How delightful -.-.

Some people that play with me would say that i might be stealing some creeps from there lanes, and yes that is true, every time i gank a lane top or mid, i will most likely steal 1-3 creep kills, and sometimes the box i plant with Shaco will get some. This is mostly becouse i wanna troll my friends and give me a better chance to carry in solo queue.

But this isn't what i am talking about now, no this is about the idiots that go mid and have anger problems.

Ok picture this scenario.

I gank mid as shaco, we get the kill but the fight makes my teammates mid go very low. So i say i can hold his lane for him while he backs. So i start pushing the lane like crazy, with boxes and auto attacking. And the next thing i know i got the Malza screaming across the map "OMG NOOB SHACO DON'T PUSH THE LANE YOU NOOB."

I don't know, some of you might agree with him, i shuldn't push the lane right?…

My little music update highlights #2

So here we are once again, now cutting some slack to you rainbow dash lover out there. Lets just say this update just got 20% cooler ;).

Ohh, some more Luna of course <3.
Ps. The third is amazing!

Siema all! xD

Siema wszystkim ! xD
Jestem nowy na tej stronie, lecz w league już troche pograłem.
Dlatego teraz, postanowiłem sie podzielić moimi osobistymi buildami na których...
przewaznie gram x]
Oceniajcie jeśli sie podoba, komentujcie wady i zalety moze i wy mi troche pomozecie oraz poradzicie co lepiej zostawic co wymienic za co i tak dalej :)

Solo queue game 7



Top: Garen vs Irelia
Middle: Sion vs Zilean
Bottom: Caitlyn and Alistar vs Vayne and Soraka
Jungle: Shaco vs Shyvana


Phew this was another tough one.

First blood happened mid lane when Shaco ganked Zilean and Sion picked up an easy kill. The lane seemed pretty even but Sion couldn't really roam as much as he liked due to Zileans ability to clear entire waves with a bomb.

I had a pretty rough time top lane as Shyvana was literally camping me. I couldn't really go agressive or she'd show up. She was also feeding Irelia red buff once she got ahead of me in kills and levels (Zilean OP) so I just had to passively farm.

Bottom lane was pretty much dead even in both farm and kills for a long time.

First big fight happened at Dragon. The fight went heavily in the enemy teams favor as Irelia ran all the way bottom to join her team. They picked up dragon and 3 kills while I took top tower.
Next fight was in middle lane as Alistar went in on Zilean agressivel…

Rank game #2

these ****ing trolls both choose mages( brand ryze) then both lock ad's (trist ashe)

lets see if i can carry........

Nope :|

trist like, "im ap i cant go agasint kass udyr swap or i feed" fml hate this game.

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