Top: Garen vs Irelia
Middle: Sion vs Zilean
Bottom: Caitlyn and Alistar vs Vayne and Soraka
Jungle: Shaco vs Shyvana


Phew this was another tough one.

First blood happened mid lane when Shaco ganked Zilean and Sion picked up an easy kill. The lane seemed pretty even but Sion couldn't really roam as much as he liked due to Zileans ability to clear entire waves with a bomb.

I had a pretty rough time top lane as Shyvana was literally camping me. I couldn't really go agressive or she'd show up. She was also feeding Irelia red buff once she got ahead of me in kills and levels (Zilean OP) so I just had to passively farm.

Bottom lane was pretty much dead even in both farm and kills for a long time.

First big fight happened at Dragon. The fight went heavily in the enemy teams favor as Irelia ran all the way bottom to join her team. They picked up dragon and 3 kills while I took top tower.
Next fight was in middle lane as Alistar went in on Zilean agressively and we managed to pick him off. I immediately went for Vayne and killed her in a single combo. We picked up another 2 kills and took down 2 middle towers.

We lost our advantage when Caitlyn got a bit too agressive mid, trying to poke and got caught by Irelia and killed instantly. The rest of our team tried to make the best out of that badly forced fight, took down Vayne but lost everyone except for Shaco in the process, causing us to lose another 2 turrets.
Then they made a crucial mistake by attempting Baron. Sion ran in, blew up in the middle of the enemy team and nearly took down Vayne instantly, forcing the Zilean ult. Me and Shaco jumped on Zilean and killed him before he could even react. We managed to ace them, take baron and finish the game all in one swoop after that fight.

WIN-LOSS 59-54