I got a pretty good reception for my first blog about Australian Pro LoL teams so I'd thought I'd give a sneak peek on my progress.....

So I'm a fully fledged MiNDFREAK team member now!

You'll probably see my new name in-game MF Adon RAZER. I'd like to thank Elvte, Apela, Jessewhatt, Scream, DarkX and Illusion for the awesome initiation =P (basically sucking ****s).

If you're wondering, I'll be on the main team playing Support. I'll be laning with Apela (or Jesse when he gets a random Poppy xD)

Here's a screenshot of how I did in our practice session today;


I get a set of RAZER gear (Headset, keyboard, mouse) not sure if I get anything else. However I can set up a stream when I get a new computer and upgrade my internet and roll in da cash!