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Nasus, Alistar, Dr. Mundo
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I've been playing since about march. i joined after my friend veranus recommended. i believe in being able to play multiple types of characters, and being able to change to suit your team. i also treat it as a game and have fun, and i hope my comments or guides will help you do the same.

i build most of my champions slighly to very off the norm. my main is undecided atm...

I post builds and guides, and my main champs currently are: amumu, cho'gath, alistar, sivir, and fiddlesticks. i can fill in as support, off-tank, tanky dps, carry (ap or ad), melee, tank, and just about every role. i do massive theory crafting and have gotten advice directly and indirectly from many great people on these foroums, including dufftime and chaotic bliss.

I follow in a similar, though less extreme, way to chaotic bliss. i go unconventional, although some things i am saner on some ideas. the reason that unconventional works better at higher levels is that: most people know how a champion is played and how to easily counter that. thus, they counter said champ and it's annoying that people know exactly what you're going to do. if you decide to play hybrid cho, for example, and your emenies grab bv's, FoN's, abyllal's and qss's, you're rocking! it just works better and it does another 2 things: it messes with their minds and it makes them misunderestimate you. for example, look at the above cho picture where i was 26-4-2. see how annie got pd's and a stark's? that, while i don't recommend it, would effectively do all of the above things. just an idea.
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