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Ugly guide?

Not as ugly as your ugly face!

I've noticed an upsetting trend here at MobaFire.

Most of the community will appreciate the information in a guide, take it for what it is, how it is presented, and learn from it.

More casual "Moba members" are amazingly friendly and accepting and easy to talk to, they'll easily obtain the information presented no matter how it is presented. It's great. 90% of the community is very receptive and reasonable and enjoyable, probably even more than 90% to be honest.

But then you get into the more, "Involved" Moba community, and they are -not- as warm and accepting.

They get so focused on the "Appeal" and the look of a guide, on what guide format and layout you're using, on colors and pictures and ****, that they don't even take the most important part of a guide away when they're done. THE INFORMATION PRESENTED BY THE AUTHOR.

The build can be strong as hell, great explanations, but it wasn't pretty enough, so the "Good patron of MobaFire" downvotes beca…

Shyvan op build

A lot of people play Shyvana wrong ! Wtf are they builts a lot of atack or health. In 1 way she days quickly in second she lives long but do no dmg.
Foe people who enjoys Shyvana ill post y built
First Dorians blade or shield if u go solo lane
After that bf and boots mercury or ninja tabi
Than a pheng sheen and zil for trinity
Next warmong
Now when play is easy u can buy ie or black clever
If u should go more tanky it will be good to have FoN and Thornmail


I got a pretty good reception for my first blog about Australian Pro LoL teams so I'd thought I'd give a sneak peek on my progress.....

So I'm a fully fledged MiNDFREAK team member now!

You'll probably see my new name in-game MF Adon RAZER. I'd like to thank Elvte, Apela, Jessewhatt, Scream, DarkX and Illusion for the awesome initiation =P (basically sucking ****s).

If you're wondering, I'll be on the main team playing Support. I'll be laning with Apela (or Jesse when he gets a random Poppy xD)

Here's a screenshot of how I did in our practice session today;


I get a set of RAZER gear (Headset, keyboard, mouse) not sure if I get anything else. However I can set up a stream when I get a new computer and upgrade my internet and roll in da cash!

Road to Tier-3. #1

I got a 10$ Riot Points card today and instead of blowing it all on skins I don't need I bought boosts instead.
I have a 15 win XP boost and a 7 win IP boost. The XP boost doesn't do as much difference as I had originally hoped for, but it's a hell of a lot better than leveling up the normal way.

So right now I am about 3 wins away from getting to level 16, and hopefully the remaining few XP wins will last me till 17. Played about 3 games today, nothing out of the ordinary or special, though I could have played a lot better. I realize now that Trydamere, though being as awesome as he is, can't handle the top lane of Summoner's Rift, especially when Miss Fortune has the "Make it Rain" ability (which I'm sure we all hate to get caught in) that'll slow Tryn down so badly the falmboyantly colored Taric takes me out w/o buying me dinner first. There's nothing more I hate than getting killed by a champion with the swag of a cross-dresser. Oh well, i'll be sure to pulverize him later.


November 2011 Playlist

Just a few songs that I've recently been listening to, I might decide to do this every month. <3
If you enjoy my taste in music - please leave a comment below to determine if I should continue to do this. :]

1. Drake- "Crew Love" Ft The Weeknd
2. Lupe Fiasco - Lightwork feat. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar
3. J.Cole vs. Mac Miller - I Got That Flame
4. Drake - Take Care (Ft. Rihanna)
5. Kid Cudi - To Da Top

6. Gravy and the Biscuits - That Sunset
7. Coldplay - Paradise (YoungLife Remix)
8. New Linen - Making the Most
9. Notorious Big vs. Skizzy Mars -Can I Get Those Colours
10. The White Panda - G.O.O.D. G.I.R.L.S.
11. The Dean's List - Everything
12. Foster the People - Houdini

If you l

Time for a break

I just can't do it anymore...a break from LoL is needed. I feel very worn out and like I'm a cripple to any team I'm on whether I carry or not...

This does not mean I will be participating here on MOBAfire any less, but don't expect to see me on LoL for a while.

Pertaining to inhaus custom games: I can only hope no one meant anything by it....but at the end of the day, I was the one left alone (because, apparently, I am just that bad lately). And as silly as it is, I found that somewhat upsetting. It hasn't been particularly fun...and the point of playing this game is to have fun, no? Long story short...I'll not be playing anymore of those.

Wanted to throw this out here...not that anyone is likely to read this...

Greetings ! New Daily Blog.

Hi all ! I'm new to LoL and still learning. I am a male gamer who just loves everything about PvP , I'm literally obsessed. After researching about a few things I have learned the basics of LoL : Last hitting , Farming , Zoning , Engaging , Chasing , Running. etc.
You will see that I'm still trying to improve in these all but yeah. This is where I will have my DAILY blog. Yes ,I'll do it daily! I'm committing myself to post on this blog whether I like it or not haha. So I made my account a few days ago and I'm starting to get the hang of it.
( November 5 - 7 )
Level 6 Achieved
2,142/3150 IP ( Saving up for Akali )
About 10+ games played .

Pretty good you'd say. So about real life. I had class today and I still didn't fill out my weekly reading logs. Sigh. Procrastination is bad. Anyways I also had misplaced a folder with tons of assignments which I will have to find. So yeah... I want sleep because there's school tomorrow so catch you later guys !

IGN: Elusive Shadows
Catch …

Solo queue game 6



Top: Riven vs Warwick
Middle: Zilean vs Brand
Bottom: Caitlyn and Soraka vs Ezreal and Taric
Jungle: Nocturne vs Fiddlesticks

Result: Defeat (forgot to take a screenshot)

Sigh. Same guy who trolled my last game as Twitch got in my game again as Caitlyn. His pick gave me a slight shimmer of hope but his play was pretty much identical to last game.

First blood happened top lane as I took out Warwick by myself at level 2. I learned alot since my last Warwick matchup as Riven and completely dominated him this game, getting twice his creep kills and killing him twice before the laning phase ended.

Mid lane did 'alright' at the start, picking up a kill after Nocturne came for a gank, but that advantage soon came to an end as Zilean died to Brand over and over and over.

Bottom lane... oh bottom lane. Bottom lane went 0-12 within 15 minutes of the game. 0-16 if you count Nocturne coming to 'help' them and dying as well.

Bottom and mid lane got fed so hard there was l…

Solo queue game 5



Top: Gangplank vs Riven
Middle: Xerath vs Vladimir
Bottom: Twitch and Sona vs Kog'Maw and Soraka
Jungle: Cho'Gath vs Warwick


So this game started off with our 4th pick instalocking Twitch. Now I have seen some good Twitches so I didn't lose all hope yet.

This game was an absolute nightmare. I carried SO SO SO HARD. I got first blood top and ganked Riven another 4-5 times with 3 succesful kills within the first 10 minutes. Gangplank still ended up getting absolutely destroyed by Riven.

Mid lane, our Xerath wasn't really doing much, Vladimir was free to roam whenever he pleased and kept diving bottom lane who were already getting stomped, again, despite my numerous ganks. Though since Twich was intentionally trolling us, ganking bottom was pretty much impossible as I just can't 2v1 a Kog'Maw and Soraka and when I did get close to killing them, Vladimir would show up while Xerath was busy picking his nose middle.

My only 2 deaths this game was where I …

Solo queue game4



Top: Gangplank vs Rumble
Middle: Brand vs Kassadin
Bottom: Soraka and Graves vs Taric and Ashe
Jungle: Trundle vs Nocturne


Can't say much about this game, didn't really pay too much attention what was happening as it was all happening top and mid lane and bottom was just a farm off mostly.

Basically Gangplank killed everyone and everything that dared cross his path and bottom was pretty hard in our favor as well as soon as we hit level 6.

From there it was just a huge steamroll with Gangplank leading the charge, still killing everyone.
To sum it all up, we all just hopped on Gangplank's shoulders and enjoyed the ride.

WIN-LOSS: 58-52

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