Top: Riven vs Warwick
Middle: Sion vs Akali
Bottom: Ezreal and Sona vs Vayne and Janna
Jungle: Shyvana vs Udyr


Oh man I got carried hard this game.

Never laned against Warwick as Riven before so didn't really know how to approach it rune/mastery/build wise. Decided to go tanky as it turned out we were going to need it.

First blood happened top lane as Shyvana ganked top twice, we picked up the kill the second time as Warwick had pushed all the way to my tower and had no way to escape.
From there the lane was pretty even, I could never really go agressive with his sustain being so high and the threat of his ult/ignite combo.
I ended up dying twice in lane cause of Udyr ganks (grrr purple side top lane)

Mid seemed to be even, traded a few kills here and there, nothing special.

Bottom lane however was getting stomped pretty hard and Vayne was getting pretty big and scary, ended up being a real pain too.
The first 'teamfight' occured at their blue around 15 mins in the game where we lost 3 people due to Vayne somehow being there. The game started to look like a Vayne snowball as we lost more teamfights cause of Vayne damage and Janna's ability to protect her from harm. I tried my best to farm up for a Warmog's so I could jump on Vayne properly to kill her, however every time I tried I would be the first to die cause I got way too greedy trying to finish her off.

The game was in the enemy teams favor pretty hard at this point when they made a move on Baron after they caught Sion in our jungle. Though in a fortunate turn of events, Shyvana managed to steal the baron as Ezreal and me instantly jumped on Vayne and killed her. What followed was me being on -10% health kiting 3 people, survivng cause I took the blue buff from Vayne and we managed to ace them right there.

Because of that baron steal and ace, the game shifted in our favor completely and we managed to end it after one final push and tower dive mid.

WIN-LOSS: 57-52