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Craving Olaf

Sigh. I caved. I admit it. The temptation was too strong. I had to give it a go.

Olaf is stupid OP. He has the damage to best any tanky dps, but has the tankiness to best any of them as well. ****, with wriggles and W alone, i was healing 220 on crits per hit. Once he gets wriggles its over. Turn W on and auto some creeps and you are back to full health while the other guy is sitting there wondering if he even did damage to you.

Atmogs is broken on him as well. Kinda like Triforce on Udyr, Atmogs completely abused by Olaf. It allows his passive to be far more effective, and his W gives him a stupid amount of damage. I was sitting at 281 AD with W on. Slap on a 1.5 AS and mash R and you will kill something.

I'm loving the Meta. Allowing all kinds of old champs to burst out of obscurity and wreak havoc on the metagame. Sion, Olaf, Nasus, Tryndamere. All is right in the world.

Thanks Duff. Thanks for making me an Oladdict.

bye to flash, hello to promote??

So here we go my first blog post on MOBAfire. The topic: the recently announced changes to the summoner spells.

#1. BYE TO FLASH: So looks like longer CD on flash and reduced distance.....wait, its possible to measure less distance on flash? Yeah great idea lets encourage agresive game play by eliminating escape mechanisms so we wont want to risk being aggressive. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this logic? Also since were talking about aggressive, I use flash to attack people. It makes a great gap closer or positioning for my combo. oh well new meta time :)!!

#2. AS IF HEAL WASNT ANNOYING ALREADY: So I have mixed feelings about this move. First off I was like YES now support champs can bring heal and actually be able to heal people despite the supporty move nerfs. That is when I realized that it means more annoying people bringing heal and never dieing cause they tank everything you got and then heal and tank it all again. So I would say 50-50 on this one and I'll live wit…

Rammus Guide Published!

My Rammus Guide has just been released! Take a look at it and tell me what you think please =)

I doubt anyone is reading this anyway, but it's fun. (=

Also, just put out a few small builds to different characters I'm looking at while I play. Good to have on my 2nd monitor for sure.


Sup bros, this blog is probably going to be my final contribution to the MOBAFire community as I have retired guide-making here. I may make some strategy blog posts whenever the hell I feel like it or do some Q&A sessions. If you have any questions you would like me to answer in a future blog post leave them in the comments... It's also possible I do one of those screenshot things and game summaries but man that seems like too much effort. Oh and please stop messaging me to update my guides they are labelled outdated for a reason. Kthxbai.

hey guys check out my new ezreal build :D

hello, ive recently seen, that when i play, im the only ezreal player 95% of teh time i play!
so for those that are intrested in using ezreal? but think he sucks because hes to squishy, or doesnt take enough damage, or seems useless in the end, try this build
i guarentee it will help you rank up in games, dont waste your time letting a caitlyn or graves carry you, they need baby sitters 24/7
ezreal can do things solo :D
so please check out my build and tell me what you think?
it is a survival ezreal, wre he takes much damage, can go in battles without staying behind like caitlyn or ashe were if they get caught they die @.@
this build is guarenteed to get you to wins in ranks :D
so like it, dislike it, be honest :)

Casters & Finding your role: A story

Casters. Everyone plays them, but the question is; who's actually fit to play the role? When do you know when to move on from this, or keep playing it to further your playstyle? I've played almost every role.
Sit down kids, prepare for a history lesson.
*Clears throat, leaning back in rocking chair*

I started this game in June of 2010 under the reccomendation of my old World of Warcraft guild, Brute Force (Twisting Nether realm). My first game was with Blitzcrank, and I started with Exhaust+Heal, and I took my E as my first ability. I went to Wolf Camp after not buying any items, and I died. I proceeded to call the game a piece of ****, and left. A few days later I picked it back up again, and needless to say I was still terrible. I was building 6 Stingers on Rammus, and 6

Yay for Music! :D


Decided I would share some of my music with ya'll. it is. The above song isn't the best 'dubstep' but it's pretty good.

There's also this.

And plox to note that isn't the best music, but it is the newest i've listened to :D

Taggy's Blog! <3 d^_^b ~~

Welcome! To Taggrin's Blog! I'm not sure what I'm going to write about just yet, but count on at least ELO journeys and tier list updates to be here. I will probably end up writing about other stuff, probably even non-LoL stuff, but we shall see. For now, I will post one of my smurf games with some MOBA boys that I carried... Me and Winter challenged each other to a kill battle (note that this was AFTER champ select so he knew I was yi) and it was close till the very end when I just destroyed kids and vlad sat back and watched. Enjoy!

Blog #1 (Friday, Nov. 4 2011)

Well, this is will mark the day I lose my blogging virginity.
I'm glad to have given it to MOBAfire.
I have made a fair amount of friends here, as well as some really good works of art(guides).
I'm glad to have finally gotten a guide to the #1 position, and I'm glad it was for someone I see myself playing a lot.

Jarvan IV was the first champion I wrote a guide for... and wrote one for nearly every other newly released champion after.
I'm loving most of the responses I'm getting on my Riven guide, some are a little infuriating, but I know I can't please everyone's playstyle.

Anyway, a little about myself for anyone interested:

My name is Devin, I am a male living in the U.S.A.
I am 19 years old, and am addicted to LoL.
I used to be an avid Yu-Gi-Oh player as well. I don't play many other games, so if you have any you want to share with me, I'll try it out.

Game Mechanics Part I - Hero Attributes


In this post I will discuss all the attributes a hero will have in my game. Most of these attributes will be pretty straightforward and will not require a lot of explanation, however if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them in the comments below.


Heroes can either have an affiliation or none. One team plays on behalf of the kingdom of Insomnia (yes I know its a weird name, me and my friends came up with it as a funny idea and I got used to it; I welcome all creative suggestions.) and the other team plays on behalf of Shadûz. Teams can only choose the heroes who belong to their side. There are also heroes around who have no affiliation so they can be played by both sides. However, these heroes can only be picked once!


Each hero is classified according to an element, the elements are: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Void. Heroes can also be classified by multiple elements but I will discuss that later on. Each element has a damage modifier accord…

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