So Mobafire's got a blog now? cool. so anyway, I'm Mastajdog. I'm on the U.S. Servers, and I'm level 30. i plan on starting ranked soon. My mains are evelyn (DOMINION ONLY) nasus, amumu, cho'gath, and i'm starting as sion. SO... Anybody else being stalked by dufftime? If you feel like looking at any of my builds, just keep in mind that i took advice from chaotic bliss. I don't play champs entirely normal, since that's easially countered. however, don't expect stuff like AP GAREN. just to clarify. but i don't take you shalt play this champ with this item. there are some exceptions, such as ryali's on vlad and roa on singed or rageblade/gunblade on jax. but ohter than that, expect some randomness. thanks for stopping by.