First thing:
KNIT MYSELF A SWEATER (which, according to Psiguard, is weird xD)
this sweater, in fact (except I'm going to make mine green :D):

Why, you ask? because there's nothing like wearing something and being able to say you made it yourself, besides I want to prove to myself I can. I've been knitting for more than 5 years now...& in that time I have made 2 felted purses, a pile of wristwarmers (in pairs ofc), a couple scarves (I don't like making scarves much), a few hats, & several other things...but NO SWEATERS (other than the baby sweater I'm working on).

(my first felted bag)

This may seem strange as sweaters appear to be what non-knitters consider the quintessential "thing to knit"....or maybe that was socks (which I attempted to knit several years ago)...

In other news:
-the textless sigs are taking a short break
-Yum chai tea
-Is now officially on THB :D