Well, I think I'm going to keep a blog, of sorts, of some of the shifts in the jungling scene (buffs/nerfs/new champions/etc), some titbits of information, and hopefully a lot more.

I doubt it will be popular, but I'll try!

Since the blog system was released today or something, there's not that much to post about, but hey, I'll try anyway.

Shyvana -
The verdict is, she's basically Master Yi with better ganks and worse counter jungling. Yi's Q is incredible for counter jungling, but Shyvana's Dragon form and W are just crazy ganking abilities, not to mention her burst on Q.

She's pretty decent, and if she ends up being a good champion, she'll see some use. Her average jungling isn't going to hold her back. Not sure about how she is solo top, I hear she's strong there, but whatever, I never solo top so don't quote me on that.