Oh goodie! It seems that MOBAfail has done something right for a change. Blogs that I can fill up with my thoughts and opinions about the losers and puppets I play with on LoL. That's simply fantastic! I was going to make a tumblr for all that stuff, but hey, this is a little bit more convenient, seeing how I have an active audience of people I torment right here on the MOBAfire website.

I suppose I can take a little time to introduce myself for those who don't really know me all too much. I'm the self-proclaimed villain of MOBAfire, also known as the number one (considered by many) 'troll' of MOBAfire. The sad part? Most people know of this and yet still seek to get enraged by my most obviously-joking-around posts because they take everything on the internet seriously and have the sense of humor comparable to a 90 year old liberal politician. But enough of that I suppose, you came here to laugh right? That will happen in future posts, along with random trash art I'll use to spew my poorly researched opinions on.

Anywho, to wrap this all up, I like ponies and league for the most part. In fact, the majority of what you will see posted on this blog will primarily be of those two subjects, along with methods and ways proven by me on how to make people mad in League of Legends. Why do I take joy in making people angry? Well why not!? A wise man doesn't pass up an opportunity to enjoy free entertainment, and if all you have to do is give a little push, then why not shove them flat on their face? I'll save lessons on how to accomplish this for another time. But yeah, that's roughly what this blog will be about, for lulz and for lectures on nonsensical ramblings instead of creating a blog about circle-jerking nature, sensitivity or some political mumbo jumbo. For now, I'd like to thank you all for taking interest in this blog and I hope that you can find some enjoyment from my chaotic ramblings. If not, then piss off. >:[