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New OP: Kog'maw

So I got tired of the inability to carry hard enough with typical solo top champs, because I just feel that you don't have enough effect on the late game to make up for your afk farming for the first 20 minutes of the game. So I switched to try out AD bot. It sounds kinda iffy, considering you are forced to lane with an unpredictable support that, for all you know, could be horrible -cough feeding alistars rampant-. But I found that even if you feed a bit early game, as long as you keep it under control and play relatively safe in lane, you WILL outcarry other champs in the game.

But I didn't want just any champ for hard balls to the wall carrying. I wanted the best. I didn't really like how Graves worked because I don't like relying purely on skills to do damage. That left me either Caitlyn, Vayne, Kog'maw, or Tristana as the hardest carries into late game. Tristana's skillset is a bit lackluster in teamfights, so I ruled her out. Caitlyn was great early game and great late game, but…

Summoner spells. The best and worst thing about league.

You might know or not know that i am quite the high level HoN player, not pro level, but i am way beyond the standard (around 1700 LoL ELO).

So you might not be surprised when i say, i would celebrate the day they remove summoner spells from this game. Why? simply because they bring more pain then joy for me. Let me explain.

I as probably most of us think it is incredible fun to flash in for a kill, or survive only with some little bits of health left. But the problem is, you are only one person, so you only got 2 spells to use. But the enemy is 5 people, so they can use there spells 10 times against you.

So as much fun it is to use them, they are more often than not gonna be used against you more. Making it very much... Anti fun.

And don't even get me started on the idiotic balance with them. It is basically so incredible bad thought out in my opinion. Let me share some thoughts on my most hated ones.

Oh god, don't even get me started on this spell. It is a short instan…

How to Be Attractive

Howdy all, I thought I'd give you a few tips on how to be attractive. I have a quite extensive morning ritual that I go through almost every day, and I believe it helps me to present myself as best as I can when I go out in public. Making a good first impression is your aim in this busy society.

Below is a quite common routine for my morning, and I thought I'd share it with you all, as it's proven time and time again to be a success:

1) Brush your hair.

2) Brush and floss your teeth.

3) Use some concealer to erase any unbecoming bags under your eyes.

4) Clip your nails.

5) Keep all hair trimmed and neat.

6) Moisturise your face.

7) Apply a light foundation.

8) Spray yourself with deodorant, and perfume if necessary.

9) Wear crisp, clean clothing.


11) ???

12) Profit.

I hope you can apply my tips and tricks to your own morning habits :)

- jhoijhoi <3

Eurghh. Not quite expected.

So yeah today was okayish. Well at least no school after tomorrow due to Veteran's day.
Anyways, today's progress.
-level 8 & 1/3
- Played 9 Games
Lost 7/9 e.e
sigh , so many trolls, and whenever I try to help out a new player they always insist on not following what I say. I fed a bit also mainly because throughout the whole game there were no MIA's. I know map awareness and wards but half the time I had thought X was dead, but X was hiding in the brush ready to gank.
+ 1,000 IP. pretty good I'd say. Need to save up for those runes for Akali, going to calculate that tomorrow. Going to get ready to sleep. Any tips would be nice on matches w/ non " skilled players" would be appreciated. Night everyone !

Why so difficult.

I don't get WHY people have to be so difficult with me. I don't really consider myself smarter than anyone because I believe nearly everyone has the potential to do great things and it is just a shame that so many people waste it. But for whatever reason people seem to think I am smart, and so they come to me for advice/help/tutoring.

Normally I don't care, I like giving out advice, I like helping people. But if you come to me for advice, and then don't tell me what the problem is. I. Will. Be. Mad. If you just want to talk to me and you don't want advice or help with anything. Just. Say. So. If you ask me for an entire week to come and help you with your school work and then when I finally have enough time to come and help you, you don't do it at all and waste my time. I. Will. Be. Very. Mad.

I've noticed lately a lot of the people I know ask me for help, but don't tell me the problem no matter how much I poke and prod at them for it. or if it's obvious they need help and then they …

A writer's ideas

I maybe the only one, but as a writer I kind of like to stick to a certain type of character or plot. For example, I will like having a character that has an inner conflict with another spirit that wants control of his body for it's own evil purposes. I have noticed this in about 3 or 4 different stories/fanfics that I have bouncing around in my head. This is just a thought that has occured in my head.

Yes chances are you will be some of my stories on here, and possibly champions that I have come up with as well. If you want to see some of my work here is my devintart account (which I will try to put some of my works on there too so you don't have to shuffle through all the blogs). Dis link You will also be able to find this link in my profile page.

Like I said before I will end up posting alot of random stuff. So just come ready for anything.

Recovered Fragmented Transmission-

CH@&*%R: U&##@Marines

My battlebrothers have all but, $#@#%@^#@. I @%#$FGRA alone. The …

yea, so not blocked here? #winning

Yea, thank god. Mobafire isn't blocked at my school, nor is the lol official website. however, they block games, jokes, youtube, IMGUR, everything. multemedia class is such a win. photoshop for lol sigs AND free internet for Moba and League. anybody else out there want to/does use Moba/LoL at school?


So... yea.
Might as well have a blog here. Spread chaos, ideas, insanity, etc.

I'm going to post the... "stupid" builds that I come up with here as well as some other things like my possible ELO journey and other... things...

Anyway, yay progress?

Coding for posts is the last thing on my mind BTW. <_<

Looking for a full team!

So i have been playing with my friend alot of ranked lately and we always end up with noob team mates and our freinds that play lol already have full team. I need 2 more members then we have a full team, my lol name is LlNKlN P4RK ROX pls add me if you want to join!

Your lol addict, holytoast ;P

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