Top: Irelia vs Wukong
Middle: Sion vs Karthus
Bottom: Graves and Nidalee vs Caitlyn and Soraka
Jungle: Shaco vs Nocturne


This was a pretty fun, back and forth game. I picked up Sion for this game, haven't played him all that much but let's face it. He's not hard to play and just plain overpowered.

First blood happened mid as Nocturne came for a gank on me but got way too greedy trying to dive me. Both him and Karthus were at less than 10% health but I didn't have the mana or health to finish them off, so in came Shaco for an easy kill on Nocturne, but dying under the turret as well.

Top lane, Irelia was doing very well against Wukong, out CS'ing him pretty hard and getting a few kills on him during the laning phase. Neither of them had alot of jungle visits so not much action happened there.

Down at bottom lane, Nidalee and Graves were having a very difficult time dealing with Caitlyn and Graves, though with tons of ganks from both Shaco and me, we managed to turn bottom lane around as well resulting in Graves getting pretty farmed.

Karthus was also getting rather scary as he was the one picking up every single kill for his team, mainly with his ultimate. Luckily for us, he wasn't very good so he ended up not really doing much with his farm other than instantly dying every fight just to get an ultimate and a few Q's off.

The first real teamfight happened mid. I got ganked by Nocturne but Shaco was right there to assist me. Both bottom lanes had also come mid to join the fight as well as Wukong who walked up from top. As we were outnumbered and Karthus was so far ahead at this point, we lost this fight pretty badly along with our first turret of the game. Irelia took top turret in the meantime.

We started gaining control of the game with Shaco constantly pressuring top lane while the rest of us were pushing mid. Alot of small skirmishes occured, with people dying all over the place in both teams.

The game decider came when we spotted Wukong farming bottom and decided to go for Baron. My team engaged on Baron while I was pushing out mid. Karthus rushed in but I managed to cut him off and instantly blow him up. The rest of the enemy team followed up trying to steal baron but failed to do so and got picked off one by one. Wukong survived and made a valiant attempt to defend his base, but as 5 people with the Baron buff, we had no trouble pushing down the inhibitor turret, inhibitor, nexus turrets and finally the nexus itsself.

WIN-LOSS: 60-54