I don't get WHY people have to be so difficult with me. I don't really consider myself smarter than anyone because I believe nearly everyone has the potential to do great things and it is just a shame that so many people waste it. But for whatever reason people seem to think I am smart, and so they come to me for advice/help/tutoring.

Normally I don't care, I like giving out advice, I like helping people. But if you come to me for advice, and then don't tell me what the problem is. I. Will. Be. Mad. If you just want to talk to me and you don't want advice or help with anything. Just. Say. So. If you ask me for an entire week to come and help you with your school work and then when I finally have enough time to come and help you, you don't do it at all and waste my time. I. Will. Be. Very. Mad.

I've noticed lately a lot of the people I know ask me for help, but don't tell me the problem no matter how much I poke and prod at them for it. or if it's obvious they need help and then they won't accept it from me. Why is everyone so difficult, and THEN THEY ACT LIKE THEY DON'T KNOW WHY I'M ANNOYED.

/end personal rant