Here i go on for another rant. What is it on today's menu? Oh, *****y mid laners... How delightful -.-.

Some people that play with me would say that i might be stealing some creeps from there lanes, and yes that is true, every time i gank a lane top or mid, i will most likely steal 1-3 creep kills, and sometimes the box i plant with Shaco will get some. This is mostly becouse i wanna troll my friends and give me a better chance to carry in solo queue.

But this isn't what i am talking about now, no this is about the idiots that go mid and have anger problems.

Ok picture this scenario.

I gank mid as shaco, we get the kill but the fight makes my teammates mid go very low. So i say i can hold his lane for him while he backs. So i start pushing the lane like crazy, with boxes and auto attacking. And the next thing i know i got the Malza screaming across the map "OMG NOOB SHACO DON'T PUSH THE LANE YOU NOOB."

I don't know, some of you might agree with him, i shuldn't push the lane right? WRONG. If i only stand there and watch the lane, only getting last hits, i could just go into the jungle and get more xp for that. So of course i push the lane like crazy, to get as much gold/xp as i can before mid returns.

And guess what... This will not hurt mid at all really. Why? Becouse mid is not Top lane, mid is allot shorter than top, and i mean ALLOT! The enemy tower will push the creeps back when the Malzahar comes back any way. And it is kinda hard for an AP carry to last hit under tower believe it or not.

So please all you mid laners out there. Stop being bad!

Broohoofs and hugs. Your brony PotatisFarfar <3.