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Working on a Mundo build !

Hello everyone !

First, I'd like to thank you all for reading this ! Second of all, I'd like to announce you that I'm working on a Mundo build ! I noticed that some of you kept asking me to write more in the "comments" section of my build. Now, that I have an idea, I decided to create brand new build !

Progress with levels (or lack of)

So i finally hit level 20 the other day, a level i was looking forward to the same as i did level 12 for flash. I was told that having runes would make an impact in my game and allow the ability to carry games easier, and on a personal level it has, i seem to get more kills early on and lane better. But it doesn't seem to change the end result at all, if the other team is terrible we win easily, if our team has someone who thinks clarity is viable on Garen or anyone else without mana then we lose when they feed badly. If its a balanced game it still seems to come round to who has the best communication.

So my question is, do you feel runes make an impact on the game as a whole, obviously at level 20 you still have team members who are without runes laning against people with runes so their is an impact then, but when both teams have runes does it make much of a difference?

Leblanc, most underrated hero?

Leblanc, the famous Op early, sucky late game hero. And maybe most importantly, my favorite Ap hero in the game. I can tell you many reasons why i love her so much, but that can be another topic.

But i really have no idea why this hero isn't picked more than she is. Let me say this, i have no problem with any of the mid match ups in ranked (Kassadin, morgana banned). Why? Because Leblanc can kill anyone after level 7, and if not kill, at least force them out of the lane long enough for your ult to come back up.

Not many heroes can do this, only other heroes i can think of that can do this is Morgana and Tristana. With Morgana's ultimate cooldown being longer, and tristana's late game prescness being really bad. Leblanc comes out as a strong champion here.

And quite the funny thing i found out in ranked games, if you kill mid around 3 times, the enemy team will more likely than not start raging at said mid. And we all know, when a team starts raging at each other, that team will prob…

How I Play Warwick


A combination of 12 arpen and 14% attack speed for reds and quints gives me good damage and sustain (from warwick's passive). Armor seals and mres per level are good to make warwick super tanky. Optional runes include full aspd for reds and quints, or aspd blues.


I use 21/0/9 masteries for jungling because I like my route to be really fast. Most pros seem to like 14/0/16 or 15/0/15, so just choose what you feel is best. 0/21/9 could potentially work well for late game, but warwick doesn't have much speed in the jungle so you'd be losing out on a lot there. Late game, defense might be good if you wanted to get Ninja Tabi and use Nimbleness .


I use flash and smite. Smite because it's necessary for jungling - stealing buffs and whatnot, despite not being absolutely necessary for warwick jungle. It also makes jungling faster.

Flash is good because you can flash -> ult an enemy champion. This makes for a good initiation on an out-of-position carry.…

Something to keep in mind while Jungling

This isn't necessarily about jungle routes, but just things to note while jungling:

- when picking a jungler, you need to take things into account. First is the enemy jungler. Are they a good counter-jungler? If so, you might want to pick a champion that's more resistant to that kind of thing. Udyr, trundle, lee sin, warwick are all strong junglers that can do whatever the hell they want when they get counter jungled. Bad champions to pick are amumu or fiddlesticks.

Second is your lane compositions. Does your team have a champion that is very strong late game, but probably won't win their lane matchup? In this case, don't pick junglers that can't early game gank, or champions that can't gank frequently (level 2, 3, or 4 are all early ganks). Good champions to pick are nunu, lee sin, nocturne, shaco, fiddlesticks, rammus and anyone else who has a quick clear time on blue route and decent ganking potential at level 4. Bad picks are master yi, warwick, and to an extent gangplank and try…

I need a public opinion about something.

Hello, as a few you all may know I have a guide about how to tank. This guide has been a devil child of mine, and I have sentenced it to much reviewing. Recently I have been reminded of my thesis of the guide. To give the reader a general idea of how to tank, and not how to build each champion. Now upon saying this I have created mini chapters giving a basic explaination of how to use each of the champion's skills.

However, as I mentioned before my goal was only to give a general idea(even though it is called comprehensive), and I just wanted your opinion of it. You can post it here, or on the guide itself.


New Masteries in Season Two ; What does this mean...

I'm trying to plan out how I'm going to build her and seeing that both PHYSICAL and MAGIC damage are getting put into offense makes me so happy.
In Season Two , Flash is getting nerfed.. Big surprise, but one thing is that I have never really used Flash. To me Flash is good in those CLUTCH situations. But with Akali she already has her twilight shroud for escape and her shadow dance for initiating. All in all, flash is out of my build. Also, I'm thinking on going on Exhaust/Ignite .
For Masteries I'm taking
1 Point in Summoner's Wrath - Increase exhaust and ignite
3 Points in Brute Force - 3 AD
4 Points in Mental Force - 4 AP
4 Points in Sorcery - 4% CD
1 Point in Archaic Knowledge - 10% Magic Pen.
3 Points in Sunder- 6 armor pen.
4 Points in Archmage- +5% Ability Power
1 Point in Executioner - More Damage on low life enemies
3 points in Resistance - 6 MR
3 points in Hardiness- 6 AR
3 points in Vigor- +3 Health Regen Per Sec.

Thoughts about this? I'll be making a "buil…

Progress, progress, progress.

So Veteran's Day's today here in the U.S . Thank you for all the veterans who risked their lives to protect our country ! Anyways today I was practically on the comp the whole day = bad .___. . Anyways I played sooo much these past two days I'm thinking of taking Saturday as a break. Sigh.
Progress ;
- Level 11 & 1/2 Achieved ( Oh flash why are you so close but so far. ;[ )
- 2,150 IP + Farmed
- Still played with my friend the AP Sion
Sad part about I played like 15+ games and lost like 13/15 of them. I'm not lying :/ Sigh. I should really start taking advice . I do feed a BIT. I'm still learning Akali's " squishyness" but like I said I'm paired up with complete idiots that are so decisive on whether or not to take my advice. Oh well. Can't wait to make some friends that can actually PLAY. Well can anyone add me too? IGN; Elusive Shadows if you guys didn't know. Just send me a message and maybe we can get a game or you can teach me.
So I'm kind of getting tired of siting down on the co…

Solo Rank #5


Top: Skarner vs Singed
Mid Morgana vs Malzahar
Bot: Graves and Alistar vs Corki and Tryndamere
Jungle: Shyvana vs Nocturne


Corki was afk for banning phase. So we didn't ban anyone.

Graves was fed and Tryndamere DC during an important fight which led them to win.


Solo Rank #4


Top: Chogath vs Singed
Mid: Annie vs Sion
Bot: Temmo and Zilean vs Miss Fortune and Soraka
Jungle: Udyr vs Lee Sin

Chogath was fed not by me though I did die 2 times to him early game.

Udyr out jungled Lee Sin

Annie won mid over Sion

Bot was a sale mate until mid game.


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