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No more blogging solo

After being pissed off about photobucket no longer using my images I am no longer going to post about my solo rank journey. I no longer play LoL as much anyways with Skyrim and other games that recently came out I can no longer be paying that much attention to LoL. Maybe 1 day I will be posting my journey from now on it will be a private matter.

Analysis: AD Carries, Old vs New

Lets take a look back shall we, back to the very early stages of development when riot was just formed, and they were coming up with what stats to use. of course they would use health, armor, magic resist, etc.. all the basics. but then came the big question. how do we make mages scale into late game?

the answer to this, was the stat ability power. ability power is just what it says it is, a stat that buffs the power of your abilities. not only was this stat useful to mages, but it was useful to anyone who wanted to deal more damage with their spells. carries such as tristana and teemo could do just that, build damage as and crit or build ability power and do great damage with their abilities if they so choose.

lets take a look at tristana for a sec shall we?

her passive and q were perfect for her role as a carry, while her other skills were their to support her role. if instead you wanted to build her as a mage, her w e and r would be there to enforce her role as an ap carry, with…

Lee Sin: The Dragon Strikes Back 1500-2k Burst

Hello all I am new to the forums and I am a huge League fan, I have about 1500 Normals played and about 400 Dominions to give you an idea of my experience.

If you are bored or just want some entertainment check out my PvP video, the burst is insane, the music isn't bad and I made it for LOL fans....especially Lee Sin lovers.

I don't see many videos like this so I thought we can use some more!
Your text to link here...
Rate, Comment, Subscribe....and yes I know some clips repeat, sometimes in slow mo other times just because they are awesome haha and yes I am not the best this is a demo
primarily for entertainment and fans of league. 8)

Hit my channel for part 2!!
or this link XD Your text to link here...

Troll janna, a mini guide.

So you people on Us might know about my legendary Janna. And i all know that you are longing for me to release a guide for her.

But i will not do it, becouse i am lazy. So take this mini guide in blog instead.

Summoner spells: Flash and Promote / Exhaust.

Runes. Moment speed quints. Armor seals. Magic resist lvl glyphs. Armor pen red.

Masteries: Not sure yet, but 0/9/21 seems best right now.

Skilling order: E > W > Q > R.

Just get one point in Ultimate at level 6. Then level it last.

Items: Gold items. 2-3 of them. Just get them before 15, or ealse it is bad! After go Aegis and The speed boosty item. After that either got Frozen hearth or Force of nature. Lastly get Randuins.

Remember, never buy wards. This is a troll build, you troll both your own team and the enemy.

Playstyle: You are gonna be annoying, last hit your carries creeps, last hit hero kills, last hit towers, and last hit monsters.

Always bait the enemy, make them hate you, poke them all the time, throw tornados …

I'm considering putting my Jungle Twitch build on...

I've been thinking about doing this for the longest of time now (ever since march), and I think that now might be a good time to throw up the secrets behind how I play jungle twitch. For the few that have played in a game that I've tryharded in, they know just how great Jungle Twitch can eat up an entire team, including invading the opposing teams jungle nonstop and getting off nearly 100% successful ganks for the idiots that don't pink ward enough. I was actually going to post it up last month, but then another member posted up their build on jungle twitch which instantly turned me off to building a guide, seeing how the idea of jungle twitch has already been introduced to MOBAfire and was already top rated. (PHEW! WHAT A RUN ON SENTENCE) (Phoenix0000ff wrote a stellar twitch guide)

I looked through his build (which can be found here and was really impressed with the amount of detail and informat…

Just shut up and play

I was playing Ranked before and in the lobby I notice there were no champions displayed in the window. So I think ok, I'll just search the names and pick that way. No dice. I even tried clicking randomly where the champions should be and it didn't even pick anything.

So I told my team I couldn't select any champ and I'd be playing a random. So we all watch as the pick timer goes down and bam, I get random Karma (I own every champ but 5). Instantly the chat erupts into full rage mode with people swearing and telling me to "dodge noob". Meanwhile I'm trying to tell them it's fine I can actually play Karma just pick around her.

But no. People REFUSE to believe in the fact that Karma can actually be useful and all I get is trash talk all game and told I'm a ****ing noob. I had the highest cs on our team, the only positive K/D/A and still the entire match loss was placed on my shoulders. Seriously guys, just shut the hell up and play the game.

Worst part is I have to close my LoL client …

Fizz Patch Notes

Hello everyone! I've decided to start posting my opinions and views on the impacts of the patches as they come out, so here goes!

League of Legends v1.0.0.129
Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

Urchin Strike
Fizz dashes through his target, dealing normal attack damage plus additional magic damage.
Seastone Trident
Passive: Fizz's attacks rend his target, applying a damage over time effect that strengthens if the opponent is low on life.
Active: Fizz's attacks are empowered, dealing additional magic damage and causing grievous wounds to his opponents.
Playful / Trickster
Fizz hops onto his staff, becoming untargetable. He may then choose to slam the ground or hop off to another location
Chum the Waters (Ultimate)
Fizz flings a fish that can bind itself onto enemy champions - After a brief delay, a Shark will emerge from the earth to eat the fish, dealing damage and knocking back all enemy champions.
Nimble Fighter (Passive)
Fizz's dexterity allows him to ignore unit collision and take less dam…

Akali's Nerf - Why I'm starting to like it.

Yes her numbers went down a bit and yes, she is now less sustainable but look at it this way. With this nerf, she's probably never ever going to be touched. And not because I think but with this nerf in mind she had lost her sustain. Nevertheless, good Akali players will be able to play her to the full potential. In contrasts, Riot is nerfing every other champion down. Now as I see it, she is balanced, like a Brand. With that in mind, I'll be having even more fun with her :).

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