Stop fapping to his streams. Stop fanboying over him in threads. Take down that alter of him I know you have in your closet that you pay tribute to at the start of every game. And please oh please, enough with the "Hotshot's guides are ****ING AMAZING, what are you even ****ING TALKING ABOUT" remarks to me when I talk to you off site about how terrible his guides are. Admittedly he's a good player, but that doesn't mean you need to shove your **** into a picture of him at every available moment. It never ceases to amaze me how much people cling to any advice he gives like it's the gospel and it's exactly how things are. Having any other opinion is out of the question and you neither test nor research anything he'll tell you. Hell, some people are hung up on every word that that man says to the point that they will play AD Janna because HotshotGG said it was the new OP. Grow a set and make your own name for yourself instead of riding the **** of an already popular player. Having role models in videos, how low can you even possibly go, sheesh.

(Notice: Having me as your role model is the only exception)

/mini rant(?)