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Sep 6th, 2011
Jun 5th, 2011


I am a jack of all trades player, and that has been one of my biggest downfalls since I started playing this game. Lately, I have narrowed that down to a smaller number of champs and only play them when I need to fill a role. (I have not listed the specific ones below)
I main support, it's a great role, but if I'm not support, I prefer to be either Solo top, or Mid.
If you want to play with me sometime, send me a message on here first and I'll get back to you. Here I have listed 3 champions I play best in each role:

Solo Top:
Kayle, Kennen, Olaf

Maokai, Shen, Nocturne

Ap Carries:
Annie, Cassiopeia, Gragas

Ad Carries:
Vayne, Graves, Varus

Taric, Sona, Lulu(I play her mid more than support)