So yeah today was okayish. Well at least no school after tomorrow due to Veteran's day.
Anyways, today's progress.
-level 8 & 1/3
- Played 9 Games
Lost 7/9 e.e
sigh , so many trolls, and whenever I try to help out a new player they always insist on not following what I say. I fed a bit also mainly because throughout the whole game there were no MIA's. I know map awareness and wards but half the time I had thought X was dead, but X was hiding in the brush ready to gank.
+ 1,000 IP. pretty good I'd say. Need to save up for those runes for Akali, going to calculate that tomorrow. Going to get ready to sleep. Any tips would be nice on matches w/ non " skilled players" would be appreciated. Night everyone !