Hi all, I'm jhoijhoi (or Jai) and I am currently an active Veteran here at MobaFire. I love writing guides and I enjoy helping people write their own guides. Currently I had set kind of a trend with my personal spin of formatting, and I always squeal with glee whenever I see my templates implemented.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery :)

Beyond MobaFire (though I do spend much more time here than I should, people get sick of me pretty quick) my life revolves around full-time university studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Physics and English). And when I get time, I spend it with my two best friends and roommates in real life, Patch and Warlemming.

When I joined MobaFire I just lurked. I read guides, improved my gameplay and spent some time learning about the site. It was only until I published my own Ashe guide that I learnt the harsh reality of not everyone liking your ideas.

In this regard, Jebus McAzn helped me out significantly, and I owe everything I am today as a member to his generous guidance and patient mentoring. If I remember correctly, he said something along the lines of, "I don't even know why I'm helping you, you're so annoying" :P

I then was introduced to the forums and quickly made friends with Andonikam, who is pure awesomeness. I had my first successful 5-man Ranked game with him, and for a while we rode a wave of victories to 1500 ELO. Then Andonikam left the site for a little bit, leaving me alone.

Which is when Wrath stepped in. I fell into his open arms like a drunk maiden at a country fair, and he sent me on a whirlwind ride, teaching me how to use PhotoShop, being my first steady AD carry while I supported, and being a true friend. During this time we were both promoted to Veteran status (THANK YOU MATT AND FLASHJ!) and I recommended my first few guides.

Bryun, Rudmed, Bloofyre, Hahano - thanks for your great contributions to MobaFire.

Meanwhile in my Review Thread, another now prominent member fought me on every suggestion I made about his guide. He argued for this, argued against that, defended the silliest things and supported the opinions of everyone but myself. PsiGuard has since become one of the best reviewers of this site, and I am proud of how far he has come in such a small time.

I know there are so many more people who have made an impact during my stay here at MobaFire, such as Nameless Bard (we haven't always got along, but you're truly such a fantastic person), Nighthawk (yer ego is so big I didn't want to include you just in case you burst :P) Jeffy (who's loyalty to his friends know no bounds), DuffTime (who has outraged me on a few occasions, but I'm too cool to brood on those matters *sunglasses)...

... and more recently members who have only just started to spread their wings of influence: Wayne, BarbJ, SirSpank...

... and for those who have always been here to help out: Mowen, Searz...

I can't possibly list everyone who has helped me become who I am today (please don't feel left out if I didn't write you down!), but to everyone who knows me, all I can say is:

Thank you. The MobaFire community is the best I've ever been part of. And I love spending time here. Whether it's in the forums QQing, making signatures and banners, reviewing guides, writing guides, helping others write guides, or just plain lurking around.

I hope you all enjoy MobaFire as much as I do, and I'd like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Matt and FlashJ for this wonderful and creative outlet.

/end rambling :)


- jhoijhoi