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jhoijhoi's Mobafire Blog

24 Feb

Views: 4257 LoL Hiatus

Whelp. I've "officially" given up on LoL. I won't play another ranked game until:

a) The Australasian servers come up
b) 3 months pass and I need to play one ranked game to stay in Gold V

Whichever comes first.

Why have I made this decision? I am not playing well. And my last game decided it. Every single time Hecarim came to gank bot lane, I'd walk up to him and stun him, as Taric. But due to my ping, Taric's stun travel time (even though I was right next to Hec each time) and Hec's ult cast time, Hec's ult still always went though, meaning Vayne would get smashed...
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24 Feb

So, I've decided I'll make a vlog every morning and talk for a minute about what I did that day at my school practi*** placement. I'm not really doing it for any reason beyond the fact that I generally have more time in the morning to spare, and I need to write a reflection anyway, so this is easier than taking notes 8D

I'm aware that the sound randomly cuts off at times - due to voice activation/recognition settings. This is the first time I tried out my new laptop's webcam, so next time I'll make sure I speak...
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24 Feb

Views: 1749 10 000 Comments/Posts!

Woooo! 10 000 Posts!

Other matters:

[x] Personal: Next week is my last week of practi***. It was a good experience, and I know I have improved as a teacher. There were a lot of ups and downs, mainly with my year 10 science class. I'm learning how to behaviour manage classrooms of 30 adolescents, but...
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24 Feb

Views: 2763 I'm Back!

Wotcha MobaFire 8D

Not sure if anyone's noticed, but I've been afk for a few weeks now (hence the above picture - 74 PMs? Wow, that's a record!). This has been due to a number of things, primarily my holiday overseas to Singapore and Thailand.

More than one hundred awesome things happened during my two and a half week trip, resulting in over 2700 photos on my camera alone. As such, I've tried to pick the "best" moments to detail in order to avoid boring you guys. Pretty much...
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